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Changes of me

I'm going to blog about the changes of me from 2009 until now 2011 Blog post of all these photo is also available, you can find them on the Blog Archive at the Right column by looking at the month and year. June 2009 Taken at Marina barrage when they have just open, during this time I had long fringe and curl extensions July 2009 Lunch at Plaza Singapore Xin Wang Cafe after Swimming at Anchorvale, I learned how to swim by my own but is the wrong way of swimming haha July 2009 Science center October 2009 Har Par Villa, curl extensions is also removed October 2009 Halloween at Night Safari, this is when I first started putting on fake lashes and dyed my hair and also had straight hair extensions November 2009 Graduation Night, I curl my own hair using hair straightener followed by wax November 2009 Went to Kitty Lab at Expo December 2009 Testing out camera when I first bought Samsung ST550 December 2009 Love dressing

Ma Maison

Wednesday, 6 April 2011 Ended work, prepare and then went Boat Quay. Wet my hair, put on make-up, when hair is semi dry I blow it. I think I look cute here, haha With Stella Later went Boat Quay. They're my ITE mates, long time no see! ^^ Ok. And that night I was shock that I vomited foam when I never even drink beer.   Thursday, 7 April 2011 Finally can go out with Chloe after months! I was angry when I'm on my way to meet her. When I reach City hall to exchange train to Bugis I waited for three train then I can get up! Wasting my time -.- what's wrong with people don't know how to queue up or what? I came first and then? I always lose out. Luckily I have the patience to wait and not rushing for time if not I think I will cry on the spot if I really cannot take it. Had dinner at Bugis Junction when we reach. Actually wanted to dine in at a western restaurant called V7 but then I forget how to go already so