Singapore Flyer 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
First stop for today is Marina Bowl, met Maoqi and we went to play bowling I also broke my nails while playing. While waiting for her I bought a tin of lollipop, the packaging is Hello Kitty so cute! After bowling we took a stroll to Singapore flyer and I took some very hilarious video must watch ok!

This is the 3rd time I sat on Singapore Flyer and I think many changes has been made there like new shopping places, entertainment and dining.

This is my old house, haha! Joking ^^

It was a last minute plan to take the Singapore Flyer flight,  after buying the ticket we went to Kenko for Fish Spa which I've been waiting for weeks. Is is a fish therapy where Garra Rufa fish exfoliate your feet dead skin as well as massage and it gives you stress relieving.

Watch the video below, the process of us doing fish spa MUST WATCHH! I make sure it will put a smile on your face ^^

Did you know that the Singapore Flyer is towering 165 metres above the city?

I've another video for you guys that I film it when we're on our way checking in ^^

Went to have our dinner after the flyer ride, I love the ancient feel. It is located at 1st floor #01-09/12 it is called Singapore Food Trail the dining concept sets to bring out the nostalgia and charm of the 1960s.

All these antique are for sales.

Dinner for two, we can't finish the fried rice omg!

Went to Marina Bay Sands after that because I want to watch the Water Lazer Light show but then it start at 9pm so we skipped it and went home :(

I want to go to this museum! Someone please bring me there!

Kbox Wednesday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doing a very short post today. I wore my Jurassic Park T-shirt out! Meet Maoqi and Wenting by right was to go Farmart but ended up in Kbox. Guess we shall go to Farmart another day.

These are the blanket provide by kbox, we look like animal here.
Giraffe and Leopard

Below is a video of me singing Ja Rak Reu Ja Rai by Klear

Ending off with a silly photo of me.


Universal Studio Singapore

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Went to Universal Studio Singapore on 10 May 2011 with Jazreel and Teckchye, it was a very last minute outing. 

They have a promotion going on which is 20% off weekday tickets (Valid until 27 May 2011)
Payment must be made by POSB/DBS Credit or Debit card.
For more visit their website

This is taken at Far Far Away before the 4D Shrek show started, the show was fun and interesting.

At the end of the day I bought a Jurassic Park T-Shirt, I love the cutting that's why I bought it. But friends don't think that I will wear it haha. I would visit there again, there's still one more ride that is not open and I hope it will be done when I'm there the next time.

The world tallest dueling roller coaster located at Sci-Fi City in Universal Studio Singapore

Battlestar Galactica Cyclon - Blue track
A suspended roller coaster which turn 360 degree thrice vertically, on the 3rd round you will feel cooling effect on your legs as it passes by a mist of smoke. Shiok!

Battlestar Galactica Human - Red track
Seated roller coaster that zooms at 90km/h and propels you fourteen storeys.
I personally prefer the blue one because it is more trilling. The red one made my body ache because there's a great force pushing you forward. Overall I still love the ride, I played it a lot of times until I've lost count of it!

This is the video is about the making of movie by Visual effect.

Ahh~ Frizzy hair + no make up + wearing spectacle + retainer

I bought a Limited edition bag from because it was sold out all over Singapore.
Delivery was by register postage and it was fast, they mail it out on 12 May 2011 noon and I receive it on 13 May 2011 morning.

Their website is doing pre-order. If you're searching for Longchamp Arbre de Vie, Galeries Lafayette, LM Metal, Victorie & Eiffel Tower Bags you do not have to wait too long because they have it in stock!


Awesome night

Friday, May 6, 2011
Yesterday I went Orchard for a walk while waiting for Jazreel to get ready. Had my dinner at Coffee Club, after that meet Jazreel at Paragon. After getting her stuff we went to Far East Plaza for another dinner, so I ate twice haha. After eating we waited for taxi at the taxi stand, their queue standard one always have to wait very long, call cab also hard to get.

First we went to Forbidden City Cocoon Bar located at Boay Quay, it is a ice bar. She's so funny, the staff open the cubicle lock and asked us to go in so I went in first and she gave me a shock by saying "Serene come out!" and gave me a kind of expression keep asking me don't go in say inside very dangerous. She was scare that the staff will lock us inside, so she went around to look at the cubicle and she think the cubicle is transparent but if we were locked inside will people save us? Because most Singaporean are selfish. The staff kept asking us why don't want to go in so we told him that we are scare that we will be trapped inside. After knowing that the staff will be inside with us then she rest assure so we went in and have our shot, before drinking she said that she was very cold so she went out to get a coat and went in again. We left after having our shot, nothing much inside. When we left someone offered us something free and Jazreel wanted to go in, I said don't want because free things aren't good. Nothing is free in this world.

Took a stroll to Boat Quay and we went to another ice bar called Eski Bar, it is much more better over there. They have got cocktail thus Cocoon Bar only serve 42 Below Vodka. Below are the photo we took at Eski Bar.

Name of the cocktail is "Artica Ice"
I always love milky cocktail

Their coat is quite big for me, doesn't smell good but I can say their customer service is good.

Went to Raining Bar as Eski Bar is closing at 1am. We both ordered a tower of tiger to share and had Raw Prawn too, I always love prawn but yesterday I eat until I scare. Made me no appetite when I see prawn in my food today. 

Raining Bar closed at 3am so we head to Doll House after that, I was so crazy that I requested to go onto the stage to sing a song.

Reach home and I vomited after removing my make up, is like gosh I need to do house work feels like disgusted by seeing what I vomited and I feel nausea so I vomited more. All I see on my vomit is cheese, lobster and prawn which made the sink stuck and I need to use my hand to dig whatever that is stuck there oh my feel so sick doing that.

That's all for this post, shall blog again in a few more day. Stay tune!

Brand new day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New hair cut, new hair colour, new tank top and  new bottom.
I've gotten myself a new job hope I will love it, hope it will last.
I notice that my monthly reader drop by a hundred of them! Will you all be back?
Request me for post on the right column, I will do it if I can!

Hair cut by In Square Salon
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Hair colour by Liese
Brown Series, Dark Chocolate

Had lunch at McDonald's with Stella, when we first reach there we were excited like we never eat McDonald's before LOL

This is Burger King have new creation for people who can't eat much, BK Shot is two mini burger from $2.50
I think they cut a whole burger into four portion, taking half of them and called it BK Shot.

Spicy Nuggets, Italian Burger and Seaweeds shaker fries from McDonald's
This is what I'm excited about before I went in LOL 

Eat until very happy :P

Remember to have enough water intake, not too much or too little.
(Your Weight) x 30 = ml of water needed daily

Me with Stella

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