Which hairstyle do you like the most?
Pardon me, I know my eyebrow is in a mess. I'm trying to grow them so that I can have it nicely trimmed.

Stumble upon this picture while browsing Facebook few week ago and this is what inspire me to try out 6 different hairstyle before snipping off my hair. This post was intended to be posted up last week but the there is something wrong with my photo editing program which doesn't allow me to save the photo after stitching them together so this post was delay until today.

I actually did 4 things to change my look.

1. Forehead threading & upper lip threading,
did this to brighten up my face as I have many baby hair near my hair line that need to be get rid of.

A week after forehead threading, this is my hair before cutting. Hair long until can't be capture by camera, oppps! Haha

2. Haircut,
new hair new life

After hair cut and hair treatment.

I'm actually sick of my long hair that's why I went to snip it off and also my hair ends were dry.
Ok, kind of regretted after having a hair cut because I think girls look better and have more confident in themselves with longer hair. Now I only can hope to pull myself off with this new hairstyle. & I don't know why is my hair getting more and more fizzy. I'm using premium comb and shampoo+conditioner ok :/

3. Eyelash Perming
4. Eyebrow trimming

My no eyebrow pencil/gel
no mascara look

If you notice you will find that my eyebrow became neater and eyelash become curler, went Browhaus for these service. Really love the result of the changes around my eye!

Picture of yesterday, curled my hair a little using hair straightener. Picture are taken 4 day after my eyelash perming cause I'm not allow to wear mascara for 4 days after eyelash perming and yesterday was the 4th day so I applied mascara on my night out, also drew my eyebrow ends with eyebrow pencil ^^

Have not been dolling up nowadays unless I'm going out, started wearing glasses to school as I found out that something bad happen to my eye. I don't usually wear glasses, because I find it ugly and my main spectacle frame is a homme so I think I look man in it, so feel like getting a new frame for femme. I know I look different from photo and real life, please know that pictures are deceiving. I want be good looking, what can I do?! :S

Wearing colour contact lens everyday is bad for eyesight, STOP it now.