Studio 106

Ever wonder what has Ng Eng Teng Studio been used for now?

Went to 106 Joo Chiat Road yesterday with my school Photography Club for Peranakan shoot it was actually an abandon house owned by Ng Eng Teng, he used that house as his studio for sculpturing and name it Studio 106. On year 2001 he died in his sleep at that house about 11am on a Sunday. Now this house was bought over by someone, with his permission yesterday we went in for photo shoot. Before sharing the photo shoot pictures I took yesterday I am going to share with you all about this house.

This is actually a small well

And here is the big well, they were all covered up now.

I've heard a story behind these well, there is pipe flowing through each other but then only the water from the small well goes into the big well and inside the big well there is a "pot" and water from the big well couldn't flow back to the small well. It is like people keep giving him something but then he could not do anything to repay back and then he carry a burden inside him. I'm not exactly sure about the story but I'm sure you can google for it. 

Broken Stools found in basement

Unsure what is this but to me it look like a lamp

 Unknown object

These look perfectly clean to me

This could be some knob that dropped from a drawer

In the house there were no power supply, everything inside couldn't be seen and it was dark everywhere. We have to use our phone light and camera lights to navigate around. I guess someone have been staying here if not why don't the furniture here collect dust?

Near the toilet

The basin

Saw these hanging in one of the room

Power supply?

Window of the house

These are all throw outside the house

Bricks are all over the ground making me hard to walk around

Picture below are all photograph of a model posing for the camera, I love the peranakan clothes hope I can get to wear it one day.