ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 1

Only slept for 2 hour+ last night, and my average sleep time for every night is like 3 hour.

Reach Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 7am today, and check in around 8.30am

Flight was at 9.30am so I went to shop for charms for my new ipod touch, also bought the pen that I always wanted ^^

I bring a fish eye converter, 24mm lens and 16-50mm zoom lens there.

He is my competitor! 

Arrive at 9.30am, Jakarta time

During the transfer to Sultan Jakarta Hotel

Outside Jakarta Airport

Look at this yellow taxi, stuck in the middle of the traffic.

Arrive at the hotel, will try to get the view of the building of I happen to go out,

Had our lunch

We got the grand deluxe room, but of course I'm not sharing a room with my competitor haha.

The toilet, I love it because it is big enough for me and has 2 area to shower.

Luckily they provide all these because I just realise I forget to bring my shampoo


Safety drawer

The view outside our room

The underpass to JCC, our competition venue

The competition venue was very near to our hotel, we can reach there around a 10 min walk

Floor map of competition area of different trade, I am in IT Software Solutions for Business

Country competing in the same trade as me

This is the locker were we are going to store our belongings during competition

My competition area

The workstation that all competitor will be using for the next 3 day

For information check out
Sorry for such a short post as am in a hurry, got to go for dinner now!

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Wayne Dyer