ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 2


ASEAN Skill, IT Software Solutions for Business

The rapid pace of globalisation over the past decade has been largely driven by developments in Information Communication Technology (ICT). IT specialists are increasingly in great demand in several areas, one of which is in providing solutions for business.

We are not merely users of Microsoft Office, we are power users who have an intricate knowledge of each of the applications in the suite. Our skills may be used in a plethora of ways across a multitude of industries, cultures and languages.

Microsoft Office is by far the most widely-used suite of office applications throughout the world, therefore making Software Solutions professionals highly-employable members of the IT community. There are thousands of businesses that are undoubtedly in need of better training in the use of these office applications, and will often benefit greatly from having customised solutions developed for them that suit their individual needs.

What do IT Software Solutions professionals do?
  • Develop solutions to businesses' problems
  • Use Microsoft Office as a framework to build software solutions
  • Analyse business requirements in order to create well-fitting solutions
  • Use problem-solving skills and in-depth technical knowledge to build those solutions
  • Use communication skills to document their creations in an easy-to-understand way
  • Use communication and sales skills to present their solutions to clients

Where do IT Software Solutions professionals work? IT Software Solutions professionals are employed throughout the following:
  • Large enterprises
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Small businesses
  • As freelancers

They can operate in a wide variety of roles including:
  • In a support role
  • In a training role
  • In a development role
  • Providing customisation and automation
  • Developing totally customised software solutions to a business requirements
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