ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 7

Tonight was the night that everyone was waiting for, closing ceremony day and also the release of result.

I actually went for spa, massage and did some treatment after the competition has ended to relax myself, my skin was very dry due to staying in air-conditioned room for a long period of time especially the competition site at Jakarta Convention Centre it was super cold, luckily I wore a jacket and a wind-breaker outside my shirt if not my finger would be stoned.

Left and Right are my Experts, Middle is one of my coach

2 Competitor from Malaysia

Experts from Thailand

Experts from Indonesia

Counsellor and also our motivator from College West

My room-mate from Web Design

Zihao from Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

The cute Fabian also from Web Design

Two girls from Caring

JiaQi and Catherine from Beauty Therapy

Samantha and Lena from Graphic Design Techonology, best room-mate during camp 

Queenie and Dexter from Hairdressing

After all the waiting and photo taking at the reception we finally get to go into the site for our closing ceremony.

Flags of all ASEAN country that participated in this competition

Minhao from IT Networking, he actually help me when I was lost by finding my table

Kokhong from Mechatronics, copying his signature pose haha 

Prakash from Mechanical Engineering Design-CAD

Paradisaea bird, the bird of paradise found in Papua Indonesia also the mascot for 9th ASEAN Skill. This bird now suffers from illegal hunting and is on the brink of extinction.

We are seated together with people from our trade, total of 11 competitor

Buffet style dinner

Buffet style dessert

Female competitor

Male competitor

Winner for IT Software Solutions for Business
Gold and Silver:  Indonesia
Bronze: Vietnam

Although I did not win this is a great experience for me and I know I have put in all my effort. 

The next ASEAN Skill will be held at Vietnam, Ho Chi Min on 2014

Watch Team Singapore's rendition of the Indonesia song, Bengawan Solo, at the Closing Ceremony of the 9th ASEAN Skills Competition.

Team Singapore Won 4 Golds, 3 Bronzes and 5 Medallions