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Christmas on a Great Street 2012

It's December! Can you feel the holiday spirit? I felt the Christmas spirit as I walk down Orchard Road tonight looking at those Christmas lighting and ornaments. How I wish there's snow in Singapore and a chimney in my house for me to chill, actually I want a chimney for Santa to come and pass me a present hahaha.

Met up with Chevy today together with school photography club for a walk along Orchard Road taking pictures of Christmas lighting.

Orchard Road will be a great place to visit this holiday for you to capture the picture perfect moments.

This is the tree outside ION Orchard

It is a walk-in tree, this is their interior 

There are many kids and family crowding around the centre just to ring the bell

Another photo taking place outside ION Orchard near Dior

Last minute Christmas shopping? 5 mall along Orchard Road will open till 11pm from 19 - 23 December

A short walk from ION Orchard towards Takashimaya you will find this red box on your left with the kaleidoscope interior.

After coming out from the box I spotted a man carrying this cute little doll so I stand behind him and snap a picture of it. It was actually a bag!

The Nutcracker Soilder

The fountain of Takashimaya that never fail to be decorated each festive season

There is also a gift shop located along Takashimaya and another one beside Singapore Visitor Centre for you to shop for limited edition merchandise, they sell key-chain, tote bags, fridge magnet, drinking mug and many more.

When you see this you will find a gift shop

With every $50 spent with Visa on Orchard Rd you will get a chance to win $1000 shopping vouchers the next day!

I saw him again, he was actually trying to test out the market. I didn't know those are figure of Lee Kuan Yew until I took a step ahead taking more photograph. He is the creator of these figurine and he is Chris Treewizard

 Tomorrow night, 2nd December he will be bring the full set for sale, if you're a fan of Lee Kuan Yew or PAP don't miss your chance and grab them now!

Look at the respond, not bad isn't it?

After Orchard Road we took a walk to The Cathay

Feel the festive season? Don't forget to vote for the Best Dressed Building on Orchard Rd, you will stand to win up to $1000 worth of shopping vouchers!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas with the tree at The Cathay

That's about all for tonight

For more information please CLICK HERE


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