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The Art Of The Brick

Horray~ I am here at Art Science Museum again, hmm so what's my plan today? Please watch this short animated film before you start reading this post: The Art of the Brick exhibition, it was one of CNN's Top 10 Global Must See Exhibitions. After watching the short animated film I gain more knowledge about Lego, a month before the exhibition has started I received a MBS Newsletter stating that Art Science Museum will have a Lego exhibits. You know I love to visit museum to see the exhibits, at that moment I was so excited to go and take a look at the exhibits and today I finally got the time to go there together with Maoqi. There are 8 area for you to explore Nathan Sawaya creation. Highlights Swimmer Highlights Rain At The Artist Studio kids can build their own lego art using their own creativity Highlights Peace An interactive application at The Portrait Gallery using ipad to create a mosai


I am so obsessed with horoscope lately, most of the time I will read about other people horoscope just to understand their personality better. When I went to read up on myself "Sagittarius" I found out that my birthstone is Turquoise. Just nice I need a new body jewellery and have no idea what to buy so I thought why not get something related to me. I order a belly ring from US 2 week ago and receive it today, kind of love it as this is my first time wearing a gemstone. This is a real turquoise belly button ring. Turquoise is a known as the purification stone. It protects against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere; Turquoise gemstones are worn to dispel negative energy. There are many other healing properties of Turquoise, I hope after wearing it I will have good luck and good health ^^

2012 National Chinese Music Competition (Prize Winner's Concert)

The National Chinese Music Competition was first held in 1998, after a restructuring of the former National Music Competition which was organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture in the 1980s. In its 8th edition, the National Chinese Music Competition is a platform that celebrates excellence in Chinese Music, This biennial music competition aims to develop the performing skills of young musicians, improve music standards and identify promising new talents. It also provides opportunities for the young musician to perform on a competitive platform, before an international jury. Chevy and I attend the Prize Winners Concert and Prize Presentation Ceremony today  It was held at Singapore Conference Hall While waiting for the programme to be started... After 11 days of competition competing among 389 musicians ranging from 8 to 28 years old, the result is out. Now I shall reveal the 1st prize winner . . . . . . Image credits