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Flea Market @ Lucky Plaza

I usually hold a flea market selling off my pre-love or brand-new-but-unused item once a year and this year I will be sharing a booth with my sister because the rental here is quite high compared to other location. Decided to blog about my experience as a first timer renting a flea market booth at Linkz @ Lucky Plaza by For Flea Sake on a weekend, 18 and 19 January 2014 because I don't want people to reach there and be a blur sotong like me OR being unhappy when see-ing people cutting queue. In this post I will be sharing some advices so that people who are interested to book a booth here can get to know more about what is happening so they can make a first hand preparation. I am sorry if the photo quality in this post is poor as I did not bring my camera along with me until the 2nd day of flea I decided that this would be something great to share about so I snapped some pictures with my phone.

Year of Horse

Friday, January 31 2014 will be the first day of the year in Chinese calendar and this year in Chinese zodiac will be the year of horse. In this post you can find out about feng shui tips on your Chinese zodiac and ideas of where to shop for your Chinese new year clothes. I still remember this was my first try on taking long exposure shot in my life, and yes I took it without a tripod and with a Sony NEX-F3 around last year this timing at Chinatown. I wonder how does Chinatown Chinese new year decorations look like this year Horse: Born in 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918 The year of the horse means there is leadership associated with this sign this year, so your authority may increase, according to Ng. However, the impulsive behaviour of the horse can lead to recklessness, so stay away from gambling and speculations.  Work:  Those in positions of authority will do well, but chancy businesses, like the stock market, are a bad idea. Wealth:  Don't expect

FIRM-365™ Facial Firming Serum

Oh no I do not have a define V shaped face, not only that I also have acne prone skin D: rescue please! Christmas 2013 | Photo Credit: Oh Wei Siang There is always this ONE thing that have been troubling me for many year and this one thing is my  double chin  :( I have tried product from mask to cream and even massaging product but there weren't any obvious result, I even thought of going through procedure to break down fats(the fast way) but that was way too expensive for me and I couldn't afford it so I gave it a pass. Days ago I receive a campaign invitation from  Samplestore  for a product from GoodSkinLabs and I am more than happy to give it a test and blog about it. Guess what? It was a Facial Firming Serum, YAY there's hope for my jaw!

Be my KOOL buddies

Are you a Shop-a-holic? Jobless? Facing Economic downturn, crisis and low employment? Need Survival? OR Have too much handbags, dresses, equipment or skills to spare? How about renting them out to people who are in need of those item for temporary OR converting the time you have spend on your mobile into benefits ? You can even reward yourself by watching commercial! Watch the video to find out more: Now you can market yourself, enjoy what you are "working" for, earn reputation and extra income during your free time Scan this QR Code using "ShareKool" app to Register else, register at Not forgetting to say, there will be 1 brand new iPad mini and 100 sets of voucher to be given away weekly!

Awesome Pawsome Pet Grooming

Awesome Pawsome was established in 2013 with a team of certified professional grooming at the highest competition level with the belief that their client’s pets needs are of the utmost importance. Awesome Pawsome specialises in professional and premium Mobile House-call Pets grooming services island wide in Singapore, groomers will be coming to your house to do grooming for your pet. They use products that are effective, safe and natural. Grooming is an essential part of a Dog’s life. A well groomed dog not only improves mental state, but as well as physical health. Cats do not groom themselves, they lick themselves. Cat Grooming will helps to reduce the formation of hairballs and hair that a cat ingests as he washes himself. Quote my name "Serene" to receive a 10% discount Don't forget to check out their  blog  on tips for your pets