Latte Art Workshop @ KOMMUNE (Part1)

Was invited over to KOMMUNE for a Latte Art Workshop and Food Tasting together with other bloggers. On this day I learned how espresso was prepared, the different methods of creating latte art and the best part was I got on hands on creating my own espresso.
Espresso - Coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.

About KOMMUNE coffee:
KOMMUNE's aussie-style unique blend of coffee consist of beans from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Papua New Guinea Mt Sigereni, Colombian Excelsio, freshly ground & kraft brewed for you to enjoy your daily cup of aromatic  rich, smooth coffee by their caffeine Kommunicaters.

Gilbert's guiding the bloggers on how to brew a coffee

3 Seng Poh Road #01-01
Singapore 168891
Opening hours:
10:00am to 4.30pm Tuesdays to Sundays
(Food Last Order: 3:00pm)
Contact: 6438 4380

Authentic espresso preparation starts by freshly grinding beans into the portafilter then do a hard knock

Using the finger, slowly even out the finely grounded coffee beans into a concave shape

With the body force, compress the finely grounded coffee into a puck 

Twist and turn then lift the cap up, with enough force pressed the puck will not fall out even if you over turn it

By keeping a close watch to the time we set the timer to 20 second and let the espresso flow out through the portafilter with hot water (88°C - 93°C) after mounting it onto the coffee machine

Later pour some milk into a milk jug until the required level 

Then create steamed/foam milk using the coffee machine
Latte Art - refers to creative patterns made from the velvety milk foam skillfully poured into a rich crema-crowned espresso coffee. It can be created by three main method: Free-Pouring, Needle Etching and Coffee/Latte art stencils.
For Free-Pouring: Pour the steamed/foamed milk into the espresso coffee at the same time creating a design out of it

For Needle Etching: We started off by creating design

For Needle Etching: Then draw/etch the espresso coffee throughout the top layer of the milk foam

Here is the final out-come:
Free-Pouring (left), Needle Etching (right)

Thanks to KOMMUNE, Dawn Chan and Gilbert for the opportunity I have learned the basics of brewing an Espresso. Stay tune for part 2 on my food tasting session.

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