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21st Birthday Celebration - Floral Theme

Being able to invite friends and family whom walked together with me in my life to my 21st birthday is a blessed, it is the first ever birthday celebration held for me in my entire life and I am glad that it was a success. Firstly I want to thank every for attending, secondly my sponsors and my friends whom help out because without all of you this event wouldn't be a success. So lucky to have you all. Watch the video:

Journey to Kuala Lumpur, Publika

Saw the #1600pandas campaign by WWF at Instagram on Wednesday and they all look so cute! Went to did a research and found out that they are currently on a world tour and is now in Malaysia therefore I purchase a pair of flight ticket for today and decided to hunt for the panda. This is so going to be a budget and impromptu trip. 

Atastic Manicures - Glyph Symbol

Glyph is a unique mark symbol that is small, simple and meaningful. On this blog " ABOUT " you will be able to find the glyph symbols that represent me. This time I got it painted on my fingers so that to let more people know about glyph symbol (which is not very well-known among my peers), at the same time I can have minimal nails design which is one of my new year resolution . 23 Kampong Bahru Road Blair House #03-02 Singapore 169349 Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10AM to 9PM Contact: 9759 6660 Email: Website:

Pixaroll on 21st Birthday Guestbook

To further enhance my guestbook I decided to include some pictures of my friends who wrote down their wishes for me, at the right timing Pixaroll approach me for a collaboration by offering me 12 square stickers in 2.5 x 2.5 inch.

Atastic Manicures - Fireworks Theme

Spend my last few hours of 2014 working as a brand ambassador for a beer brand that has a twist of tequila which is originate from Netherland along a hipster streets in Singapore. Did not get to observe the fireworks show unlike most of the people did to countdown to 2015 but I am still happy enough to be working my 2014 away, here's why: Coincidentally get to work with a girl whom sat beside me when we are getting our nails done and we had so much in common Met nice people whom made my work an enjoyable one Had so much people counting down for us to end work at 12AM, in fact they are counting down to 2015 haha Lastly, because I have fireworks on my nails where I can admire it 24/7 till the day I change into another design 23 Kampong Bahru Road Blair House #03-02 Singapore 169349 Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10AM to 9PM Contact: 9759 6660 Email: Website:

A New Year

Welcome to 2015, new year new goals new resolution. Late queen no more Famous for being late create a bad impression to people and cause a great impact in my life especially when I am studying in Repulic Polytechnic because this habit affects my daily grade which pulls down my GPA. I know I don't deserve the down-grade and am not going to let it happen anymore! It is not too late to change. Going Minimal In the process of clearing out the clutter in my life t his is the year to get rid of my excess belongings. Time to buy less, save space and spend more on experiencing, for that I mean stop all the neglecting. Basically it is having more room for more important things and living in a meaningful life. Cluttered space = cluttered mind. #Minsgame Rule: Get rid of one thing on the first day of the month. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or trash.