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Fish Tales

Find reasonably priced food in town. Located near Somerset MRT at *SCAPE, Fish Tales serves affordable and wide selection of food (fish, chicken, risotto, pasta and more). Using only the freshest premium white fish fillet & specially-imported USA fries, Fish Tales signature fish & chips have a light, crispy batter & tender meat. *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #02-27/18B Singapore 237978 Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 12pm - 10pm Contact: 6636 9960 Email: Website:

10 things to do during holidays

Make every holiday better than the previous one. Yay yay yay, my upcoming holiday would be on September and I can't wait! Here are a list of things I would usually spend my holiday on, because long term-break is the opportunity to accomplish stuffs I don't have time for during school days. Of course I will keep myself occupied la, I don't wanna waste my time man.

Tampines 1 Food Trail

Giving myself another reason for cheat day because the management from Tampines 1 have invited me and few other bloggers for a food trail. Tell me how to say NO to food?! - feeling thankful So this day I get to try food from the stores I usually don't have the time to queue up for, this conclude why they are so popular among the shoppers in the mall. Because the food they serve are really worth trying. Participating F&B outlets: Tampines 1 110 Tampines Central 1 Singapore 529536 Opening hours: 10am - 10pm Contact: 6572 5522 / 6572 5523 Website:

Building abdominal muscles

Hey guys~ it have been a great 2 months for me. I am going to make this post a short and sweet one. Photo:  S'Lee Photography One day I came across  Dawn  Facebook post (below) and that is what inspired me to start building an abs, or maybe I should say to achieve a flat tummy because my abdominal is like a protection layer made of fats and it is kind of turn-off whenever I wear something tight fitting. Some people are blessed with flat tummy and only need to build an abs or best don't even need to do a thing yet they are able to flaunt it, but me... fats, that is why I started workout. This is unbelievable. That's how my tummy looks AFTER I EAT. Omg. Is that me? There's like no tummy at all  Posted by  Dawn Chan  on  Monday, March 23, 2015 Yea, if Dawn can do it I don't see why I can't Don't wish for a good body, work for it.  Believe it or not, I used to not being able to do even 10 sit-up.  I know shit about fitness eit