BelowVal - Find affordable houses more efficiently

Are you a new Home Seeker searching for an affordable home
An urgent Agent selling Rental, HDB & Private properties?

Check out belowVal, a newly launched Property Website focusing on urgent sale of properties through verified ads.

Buyer will no longer get lost in thousands of "fake" listing they assure.

Seller can sell to real home seeker and not law firms, estate trustees and other distressed funds.

Nope, I am not an agent. Just sharing on what I had learned recently during a blogger party.

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Below Valuation

Buy your property when it's value is below estimate assessed price of a property.
Launched in October 2015, this increasingly popular portal has already received thousands of below market valuation properties at their website. Founder Mr Winston Lam said ‘We are heartened by the great reception of this new portal in the market. Users have told us that the portal has helped them fasten the sale process of their properties. There’s an increase element of authenticity as we check and verify every ad before it is allowed to be posted. This results in a pleasant home seeking experience as there are no fake or outdated advertisements in our portal. It is also a very user-friendly and simple website which users can easily use and navigate’. 

The website lists the latest below valuation properties with the promise of no messy clutter and thousand listings but just genuine below valuation properties to help every homeowner in need. 

Why belowVal?


Marketing is always an issue when it comes to selling. Hiring an qualified property agent to list your property on properties site in Singapore means earning lesser. Your property eventually get lost in thousand of listings due to sheer number or properties available for sale, therefore belowVal is here to assist.

It is often frustrating for buyers to sieve through the listings as it takes time and effort to go through all the listings.

At belowVal, only genuine below valuation cases are reflected on their site. It provides an assurance to buyers that these properties are genuinely below valuation and are not there as a plot to trap for customer leads.


Save time navigating by going through a thousands listing. Stop seeing the same ads of the same property advertising by different agency.

belowVal works because there are no thousands of listings, no messy clutter, just genuine below valuation properties


belowVal updates their customers with the latest below valuation properties as home owners post them up on their website.

Get complimentary weekly shortlist of
latest belowVal properties in SG

Interested home seekers will then connect directly with home owners or agents to find out more. The process is streamlined, made simple and easy. And since these are all genuine below valuation cases, buyers will get quick responses from sellers who are urgently trying to sell their properties at a cheaper price.


If you are urgently trying to get rid of your property, you will reduce the price to increase the demand. All the properties listed at belowVal are verified and sold fast to buyers who are genuine. That means, you won’t be wasting your time talking to buyers who are ‘window shoppers’ taking a long time to make a decision.


belowVal know you are urgently selling your property and sometimes time is of the essence. You have a deadline to meet and you have no choice but to sell to ready estate trustees, law firms and other special situation funds. You end up selling at a lower price to these parties as you have no choice. Instead of letting all these big property players profit why not sell your house to real genuine
buyers who are sincere, down-to-earth and having a lower budget simply because its out of their reach for more expensive buys. By using belowVal, you speed up your selling process and benefit buyers who are genuinely looking for a cheaper house.