[Review] Alexandr&Co. - World’s First Silk Sericin Luxury Skincare Founded By Doctors

Alexandr&Co. is a Singapore-born luxury skincare range made in Japan. Founded by doctors who studied the clinical applications of silkworm sericin (a glue-like protein that sheaths the outer layer of silk threads) in the context of skin healing and repair, silk sericin is known for innumerable benefits it confers to human skin.


Hearsay result will be visible in as early as 4 days. Real or not? I take all chances to look younger anytime so I'm gonna put these to the test.

Step 1: Seritone Essence
Step 2. Seriguard Moisturizer

Day 0 (6 May, Night): Before Application

Stay tune to this space as I will be updating it periodically. As for the first 4 days, I will be using them day and night without mixing with other products. 

Review below is based on my first application size stated is based on the product I own:

Seritone Essence (200ml)


First impression was "This thing smells heavenly!", apart from that it was really hydrating and non-irritating to my skin.

Not forgetting to mention this is suppose to be used after cleansing. To be applied evenly over face and neck with cotton pad, allow at least 1 minute to dry. Just nice I can take the time to wear clothes because I usually apply skincare right after shower. After that can proceed to apply moisturizer.

Seriguard Moisturizer (5g)


Upon application, product was instantly absorb, making my skin feel smooth, soft, moisturized and I love that it finished with a glow. 

Day 5 Updates:

Day 5 (11 May, Night): Before Application

I do start to see some result showing. Skin definitely look more hydrated prior to skincare, I also noticed that skin around eye and cheek area seems to be firmer. Unfortunately, I have finish my moisturizer. Will continue to use the toner and update if there's any improvement!


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About Alexandr&Co.

The Science

The technology behind Alexandr&Co.'s proprietary Silk Sericin Complex is a patented method of extraction which removes the sericin from raw silk threads in its integral form known as integral sericin. This is then combined with a plethora of today's most advanced anti-aging ingredients backed by research and formulated by a team of doctors. 

Silk Sericin Complex™ (SSC™) 

The award-winning Silk Sericin Complex™ combines raw silk sericin with potent biopeptides, cermaides, plant   placental protein extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Every hand-picked ingredient is backed by published scientific research with direct benefits tailored to aging skin.  Centered around the highest grades of silk sericin and fibroin, the 2 essential proteins that form the cocoon of the silkworm, the Alexandr&Co range helps to create a visible youthful glow, increased elasticity and bounce, a reduced appearance of wrinkles all the while minimizing water loss from skin. 

Alexandr&Co. products are made in the heart of silk, in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The Story of Chrysalis

The Silkworm is a magnificent creature. Metamorphosis begins with the genesis of a single thread of pure silk. Twisting and turning the curious silkworm weaves the beautiful yet deceptively delicate silk with artisanal finesse. A cocoon, pure and light yet surprisingly durable is forged. An impregnable fortress primed to withstand the punishing forces of nature. Silk's unique properties on skin was explored by skincare professionals. At the heart of this miracle they found Sericin, a unique protein that coats the delicate silk threads and imparts remarkable resilience to the cocoon. Working with luxury silk craftsmen, they have concocted a powerful skin essence to preserve youth and radiance that perseveres through the ages. Chrysalis Silk Treasures - The timeless elegance of silk, can now be adorned as beautiful skin.

For more details, visit www.alexandr-co.com.