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Hi all, it has been long since I've update my blog. Ohmygod I can't seems to be falling asleep even time only after 7am+ when the sun is out, feel so tired when I need to wake up early. Quitted school yesterday. Will continue to work until next year intake or until I have the money for private! Well oh well, today went out with Jiamin, while waiting for her at home I took some photo hehe. Went shopping at Orchard then later went to Loof for dinner. Cannot imagine I'm wearing the same outfit as Jiamin because I don't know what to wear and I ask her what will she be wearing so I can wear something similar to her, how I know it turn out to be the same only that hers behind there is a zipper pull and mine is some rubber thing. Karen showing signal for last order done LOL A cocktail from Alexander(Manager) Got a taste of Yakult, can't find this in the menu. Look at my iPod touch casing! Got LED one hor, cool right? A guilt

Style up with Liese

Let's start this by learning how to pronounce Liese. It is pronounced as "Lee-zay" Liese is the No 1 styling brand in Japan. Their product are especially made for Asian hair, they have pretty packing and divine smell. I'm going to show you a tutorial of how easy hairstyling can be achieved with Liese using the Hair treatment and Hair styling product. Below are the two sponsored product from TheSampleStore which I've choose.  Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist (Left) and Clear Cube Wax, Standard (Right) Before using Juicy shower (Left) After using Juicy shower (Right) This is the difference after using one spray, result is visible immediately. Imagine if you use it every day, your hair will be anti-frizz. Below is a tutorial by me teaching you how to curl your hair using a hair straightener. Take your hair, you pull it outward like this (not too hard) Clip it and turn about 170degree and then you pull it outward. Note: You m

I'm miss little ghost.

Today went to school and asked section head how do I quit school because my parent agree to let me quit school this morning when I asked them, because after I've quit school I can work and save money to study at Top to Toe 3 years later and apply for Beauty therapy again on December 2010. And section head ask me not to quit he said I can get a transfer letter from my class advisor to transfer to another course I desire! So cool right? He said getting a transfer letter and apply it as a student is better then quitting and then applying for a course again. Why no one told me this earlier?!?!?! And yesterday I went to Sentosa for a Spooktacular halloween event, didn't took much photo but I got some photo of people dressing up in costume. There are a total of 4 attraction but I missed one which is the Tiger Sky Tower because the wind is too big so that attraction is closed. I just notice this picture of mine look like a lady whom dress up as a ghost yesterday. This