Chatuchak, Chao Phraya River Cruise

It's weekend, and it's my Birthday today! In Bangkok there is a must go place for shopping every weekend and it is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Why? Because the staff here are all friendly, items are cheap and Chatuchak weekend market is the world largest weekend market, it covers over 35 acres and have around 15,000 stalls! Hearing that it close at 6:00 pm so what's our plan for my birthday night? I love waterfront dinning and tonight we will be having our dinner at the Chao Phraya River Cruise!


In the noon we took a BTS to Mo Chit station and went crazily squeezing as the crowd heading to Chatuchak weekend market here start at the BTS! Don't need to afraid that you can't find the location of the market because everyone is heading the same way and you can start shopping even before you reach your destination.

People like me will not stop by a cafe to sit down and eat so... street stall food available and are the best to grab a bite if you are too hungry while shopping

Love the chicken wrap, yum yum!

A design and a chef, wanted to try his creation but we do not have the time to

After 2 hours of shopping we filled up two of our Baggu shopping bag, I recommend you to bring a reusable bag like this because you won't want to carry too much plastic bag around as it is too messy and who knows if you were to lose one of the bag? 

Beside the weekend market near the Chatuchak Park MRT there are activities for families too, many people are found having their picnic here too

On our way back to the hotel we saw this shop that sells power-bank located just right beside our hotel and we only notice it today, they are the certified Yoobao reseller. If you did not bring the correct charging adapter you can get it here, unfortunately the sales person does not understand English. 

Boyfriend have bought a power bank for me(I love it because it is different from the other Yoobao power bank) and a adapter for himself

These are my loots for 2 hour, cheapest item priced at 100 baht I think

Here are my boyfriend and his buys for his friends

Hmm, I know it is kind of little but we will be back tomorrow because we need to return to the hotel early and get ready for our dinner.

All doll-ed up and ready to go!

Chao Phraya Princess River Cruise

The boat can carry 300 passengers and is divided into two decks, in the cruise they serve international buffet. Duration of the cruise is around 2 hour priced at 1,300baht inclusive of booking fee(approx. $52sgd), for that price I think you can have a better international buffet in Singapore.

we booked the ticket for this river buffet cruise from our hotel beforehand as it is convenient so that we do not need to come over personally to buy the ticket and no need to be afraid of sold out ticket.

We took a meter taxi to River City to collect our ticket, the pier is only right behind this mall

Walk into the main entrance of River City, turn to your right and you will see this

Walk towards the arrow directed and you will be lead to a car-park, around there you will see many cruise counter all you need to do is to locate your and collect your sticker which then you will be judge then you will be given a ticket

Boarding gate is crowded with kia-su people that is squeezing to get on board first, PLEASE take your time and not to worry because seat are already allocate to you when you do your booking

While waiting for the time to pass we went shopping at NaRaYa, for no reason we spend around $100 sgd

Complimentary welcome drink and snacks awaits you at your table

The lower deck is air-conditioned and supports 120 passengers

The upper deck is opened air and supports 180 passengers

These are the food they serve

They have vegetarian food too


and Additional charges for drinks

We are seated at the lower deck, had actually requested for upper deck but it was full

However after we are done with our meals we are able to go to the upper deck to chill, it was very cold and windy up there so I suggest you to bring an outerwear if you are going around November or December

End of the cruise and I personally feel that the price is not worth the meal, what you are paying for is for the cruise experience. 

Loots for the day at NaRaYA

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