Kitto Japanese Restaurant, Chatuchak

Just a summarise of today activity. Woke to big commotion today at around 11:00 AM then was held up at 7-11 because of some matter instead of being at Chatuchak weekend market doing our shopping and we are only free until 5:00PM. Knowing that Chatuchak close at 6:00PM we still make our trip there. How our hunt be like? Read on to find out.

Kitto Japanese Restaurant

Brunch time! Because the street stall outside our hotels are only open at night we decided to dine in here before we start out shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, this so-called restaurant has free Wi-Fi and is just directly under the BTS.

Prawn Vermicelli 
Soft and spongy vermicelli cooked with black pepper and ginger serve with prawns that makes you wants it more

Chicken Lemon Mayo
Very appetizing deep fried chicken topped with mayonnaise and lime, eat it with the deep fried shredded vegetable and it will be splendid

Pork Rib
Hard but tasty pork rib served with vegetable

What we have eaten is the Thai dishes, there are Japanese and many other delicious dish too. I actually wanted to order some soft shell crab sadly they are out of stock.

Address: Krung Thonburi Rd, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600
Nearest BTS: Wongwian Yai


We are actually on a food hunt today at the Chatuchak weekend market, I am actually scouting for the legendary coconut ice-cream since yesterday. At the same time we are going to do some un-finish shopping because it is impossible to walk the whole area in just 1 day, you will either have not enough time if not your leg will be aching even before you have finish covering the whole area.

I heard that there is only one stall selling the coconut ice-cream and I bought this immediately I saw it, yay to the legendary ice-cream but hmm it looks weird

Also bought something awful, if I am not wrong this is squid egg. Ewwwww!

First thing we do when we reach Chatuchak is to SHOP because all the store will be closing really soon at 6:00 PM, we walk and rush like we are going through a battle and tried to buy whatever we like at the fastest timing however it is not true that they close at 6:00PM -_-

Sheltered store after 6:00 PM

All store at the non-sheltered area are still open and you still can continue your shopping 

As we walked further up I saw a store crowded with people

Located right outside Kampaeng Petch MRT

And so this is the legendary coconut ice-cream that people have been talking about, I bought one to try out and it was cold and refreshing yummy. Drinks will also be serve when you buy an ice-cream, a range of free topping are available for you to choose from too

Knowing that Union Mall is like a smaller version of Platinum mall I decided to pay a visit however it was under renovation

While on our way walking back to the Mo Chit BTS at 9:00 PM we can still find flea market at Jatujak Green(located behind the Chatuchak Weekend Market), live band bar also can be found here

Boyfriend loots

And my loots, best one is the footwear because it is handmade and I barely can fit into any footwear so whenever I see something that I am able to fit into I will buy it but before that I have to fight with my self-control first

After resting awhile in the hotel we decided to head out for supper at the nearby street stall

This was the stall we had noodles previously and they only sells noodles priced at 30 baht

This stall sell exactly the same noodles and the other one just that they have something more which is the MAMA instant noodle, however the noodles at the previous stall is more tastier 

This is the Thailand instant noodles "MAMA"

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