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Enjoyed my day.

Yesterday went kbox twice, afternoon 4pm to 7pm and aftermidnight 2am to 6am. In the afternoon after kbox went to eat at Somerset313 together with Karen. This was taken in the toilet after eating, actually wanted to decorate cake at the icing room and eat but they have close already. Luckily there's still a shop that is open so we went in to take a look and bought a black dress. Went to Loof after that to wait for Ruth to knock off. Karen has gone crazy HAHAHA! Me also! Love the green effect on the photo. Later went to Kbox with Edwin, Jazreel, Junjie, Karen, and Ruth After kbox we went to have breakfast, and I got chocked by a stupid long vegetable it was halfway dangling inside my throat and half on my tongue trying to get it out making me nausea. Went home after that, slept around 8am plus and wake up at 3pm to prepare to work. NOW! I cannot sleep, I'm so bored ): Cooked instant noodle and eat as I cannot


Below are some photo taken few days ago at work place and home. You want you can click on the photo to enlarge it, can zoom until you see my pimple, mustache, baby hair and a lot more LOL. After work with Ruth! This is a bad hair day for me, wasted a lot of polaroid film too! You can say that this two photo above don't look like me because I'm using a camera effect called beauty shot. I admit that it somehow don't look like me. Surprise below HAHAHA, this is what many of you dislike me doing. TO CUT BANGS! Why? Because I'm already blur looking enough and I still cut bangs, and it make me more blur. Okla, It was actually a last minute decision because I have time on that day and my long fringe is irritating so I went to have a hair cut. It's good to have bangs you know, save time. No need to comb and dry my hair together, and no need to use hair straightener it save me like 1 hour you know! Went home and trim a bit by myself, can't really see the differe

Such a mess!

It is 2pm, I just woke up and I'm going to clean this mess now!!! (Just to keep me awake) I found this dog haha, have no ideal when and did I bought it. But it is cute :3 I removed its clothes and I saw something I sew for him when I was younger, I think I should sew something new for it during my free time.  This is a photo of Daphne and Me, I'm the on in black if you didn't know. It was 2007 back then, I still haven't had my braces on. I remember that time I was at Gladys chalet and Daphne came then both of us went to Whitesand Mall and took some neoprints haha. I think this hair of mine look nice on me, don't you think so? Give some comment ok, I know there are readers but there's any comment ): I don't care I know you a not, whether good or bad I still want comment. Shiting and I, this was taken at Junction 8 when there's still a neoprint shop. That time Shiting came back to Singapore from Thailand for a period and we took this. It has been a l

My first 11:11 wishes

I saw this photo from Gladys Facebook yesterday. I actually don't believe in this 11:11 thing but I'm quite superstitious so what is do is.... I've made my FIRST ever 11:11 wish, but I made it too long, time changes to 11:12 already, but I still hope that my wishes come true. Miss koh, not good to be too greedy. And I hope my love life will gets better. Saw this photo just now, very funny HAHA! This is what most of you have been doing when your were young right?!


Went Far East Plaza few days ago with Gladys, she accompanied me there so last minute just to do my pedicure and we went to kbox hehehe ^^V See these two black and white film, she didn't know cannot open the film cover when there's still film and she open it then the film cannot be used anymore, luckily only left with 3 film. Took all these photo at Kbox boardway. I removed my hair extensions today, back to short hair. See me with my short hair when I update my blog again. My trial period for Beauty Therapy will start at 7 February 2011 till 11 February 2011, what I wish and has been waiting for years has come but why am I not looking forward to it. After that trial period if I got selected I can start studying already. My future career, Beautician. I'm a person that is never gonna give up when I wants something, it is coming already but where is my heart now.