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ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 7

Tonight was the night that everyone was waiting for, closing ceremony day and also the release of result. I actually went for spa, massage and did some treatment after the competition has ended to relax myself, my skin was very dry due to staying in air-conditioned room for a long period of time especially the competition site at Jakarta Convention Centre it was super cold, luckily I wore a jacket and a wind-breaker outside my shirt if not my finger would be stoned. Left and Right are my Experts, Middle is one of my coach 2 Competitor from Malaysia Experts from Thailand Experts from Indonesia Counsellor and also our motivator from College West My room-mate from Web Design Zihao from Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning The cute Fabian also from Web Design Two girls from Caring JiaQi and Catherine from Beauty Therapy Samantha and Lena from Graphic Design Techonology, best room-mate during camp  Queenie and De

ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 6

It's Sunday, the day after competition has ended. City tour to Indonesian Miniature Park was arranged for us. We were quite lucky because during the bus trip we were told by the tour guide that today was Car-Free Day which means motorist has to give up their car for 1 day and that means there will be lesser traffic jams! Along the road from the Senayan which were near to our hotel all the way to the north, cars are cleared out for the pedestrian. Ever since May 2012 Car-Free Day is held in Jakarta every Sunday from 6am to 11am. Our first destination, I didn't hear what was the guide saying because I was busy taking photo. While capturing the image of this cat there were many other cat at the surrounding, they were all hiding underneath a house. The common language cat use to communicate is "meow" but for these cats what I heard was the sound of children, at first I thought the sound came from the house but when a cat get closer to me I realize it w

ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 2

  ASEAN Skill,  IT Software Solutions for Business The rapid pace of globalisation over the past decade has been largely driven by developments in Information Communication Technology (ICT). IT specialists are increasingly in great demand in several areas, one of which is in providing solutions for business. We are not merely users of Microsoft Office, we are power users who have an intricate knowledge of each of the applications in the suite. Our skills may be used in a plethora of ways across a multitude of industries, cultures and languages. Microsoft Office is by far the most widely-used suite of office applications throughout the world, therefore making Software Solutions professionals highly-employable members of the IT community. There are thousands of businesses that are undoubtedly in need of better training in the use of these office applications, and will often benefit greatly from having customised solutions developed for them that suit their individual needs.

ASC Jakarta 2012 Day 1

Only slept for 2 hour+ last night, and my average sleep time for every night is like 3 hour. Reach Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 7am today, and check in around 8.30am Flight was at 9.30am so I went to shop for charms for my new ipod touch, also bought the pen that I always wanted ^^ I bring a fish eye converter, 24mm lens and 16-50mm zoom lens there. He is my competitor!  Arrive at 9.30am, Jakarta time During the transfer to Sultan Jakarta Hotel Outside Jakarta Airport Look at this yellow taxi, stuck in the middle of the traffic. Arrive at the hotel, will try to get the view of the building of I happen to go out, Had our lunch We got the grand deluxe room, but of course I'm not sharing a room with my competitor haha. The toilet, I love it because it is big enough for me and has 2 area to shower. Luckily they provide all these because I just realise I forget to bring my shampoo Wardrobe S