Outdoor shoot

Friday, April 12, 2013
Today weather was really against me, went to school in the morning for photography workshop and the classroom air-con was not on and I felt SO STUFFY!
During the outdoor shoot we went over to Fort Canning Park, the weather was so hot that it made me SWEAT and I got bitten by numerous of mosquito arghhh!!
Parent decide to dine out, I felt myself smelly so I went home to have a quick shower to and prepare for dinner. Just nice when I leave my home it started to RAIN and I got drench while trying to board the taxi. Let's take it that I missed the songkran celebration so heaven gave me another celebration.

OK Enough of my ranting, let's take a look at the photo I took during the outdoor shoot:

This is a group photo of the participants for 16 hour photography workshop, left and right corner are the trainer.

(Credit to Mr Oh)
This is IR Photography, I will get the hang of it soon :P

Later I went over to Athens Salon for a hair cut:

I look so much younger right?


Ju Dian BBQ 聚点

Thursday, April 11, 2013
How many of you love Chinese delicacies? Hmm, for me I don't really eat chinese food that often but during today visit I have tried many dishes that I never tried before.

If you did notice I am wearing the outfit as my Plugfest 2013 post, not I never change clothes ok! I actually came to Ju Dian and meet up with other bloggers to have my lunch after the Plugfest competition.

I quite like the theme of this shop, the most awesome thing is that their operation hour is from 11:00AM to 2:00AM so if you are tired while walking along Chinatown you can drop by this shop to have a beer or order some snacks and chill with your friends.

P.S Find authentic China dishes here, the owner is from China too ^^

Watermelon Juice
As the weather is hot and they serve many different kind of fresh juices, from mango to strawberry and etc. So I ordered watermelon juice

Ice Lemon Tea

Duck Salad $10.80
I love this dish the most, it is healthy and it has one of my favourite meat in it. This dish really made a good starter.

Hot & Sour Soup $8.80
A bit reluctant to order this soup because I am afraid it would be very spicy, after trying I realise this soup is actually not as spicy as I thought and it taste good

Grilled Scallops $15.80/4pcs
These scallops are topped with vermicelli 

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs $19.80

Kung Pao Chicken $12.80

Dry Fried French Beans $8.80
You should try this if you are not a vegetable eater like me, I think it taste good and crispy~

Pork Roll With Cucumber In Garlic Sauce $8.80
Great dish but kind of salty for me

Crispy Pork Slices $18.80

Toffee Apple $8.80
This could be the one unique dessert I have ever seen, scroll down to find out more.

Warm apple is coated with honey

Just pick one up and dip it into the bowl of ice water. Very tasty but too sweet for me

Xiang Guo Li La Pte Ltd
No.14 Smith Street, Singapore 058928
Telephone: +65 6222 5166
Fax: + 65 6222 5167
Email: xiangguolila@gmail.com

Potato Salad

Sunday, April 7, 2013
I love potato salad, I would order them whenever I see it in the menu of the restaurant that I am dining in.
Always wanted to learn to how cook it so I can do it for myself, after trying out various kind of potato salad I decided to do it my own today. This is my 2nd attempt and I am writing a recipe to share with my readers so pardon me for my ignorance. I have tried some potato salad with bacon which I think it taste awesome but my method of doing it is actually very simple, just follow my step my step guide and you will be able to do it too.

Ingredients needed:
1 Serving
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Potato
  • Spring Onion
  • Golden Mayonnaise
  • Cherry Tomato (Optional)
  • Lettuce (Optional) 

1. Boil the egg and the potato until cooked.
2. While waiting you can do the vegetable preparation, wash the lettuce, cherry tomato and spring onion.
3. Leave the lettuce and cherry tomato to dry and chop the spring onion.
4. After the egg and potato is cooked peel off the egg shell and potato skin then cut them into cubes.

Tip: Use an egg cutter

5. When done dice all the ingredients into a mixer bowl except for the cherry tomato and lettuce.
6. Squeeze in your desire amount of golden mayonnaise.
7. Mix it then chill it.
8. After chilling put it onto a separate bowl  then add the garnish and it is ready to be served!

Serene's Potato Salad


Plugfest 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013
PlugFest International Programming Competition, created and spearheaded by Google Developer Group  Singapore and IEEE Computer Society Singapore, is an open and international platform for both tertiary undergraduate students and working individuals to build professional web applications using publicly-available data from Singapore government through data.gov.sg. This year 2013, their focus is on using cloud and mobile technologies.

We took part into the PlugFest IHL category, the category is targeted at tertiary undergraduate students and is endorsed by IDA Singapore under the National Infocomm Competition (NIC) II framework in the IHL category.

We also attend workshop that might be a help to us, video of the workshop can be found here

The competition drew 30 entries in total, top 10 apps were to showcase their application on 2 April 2013 at Google Asia Pacific

The objective of this application we develop is to Engage students at ITE by harnessing the power of mobile learning and promote collaborative discussion among students. Students get to do on the go learning anytime anywhere on their phone or tablet.

Our application make use of open data from Onemap as well as Google app engine, Google map and Google drive API.

Here is some screenshot and short description of our application:

User have to login in-order to access the main page

We have a simple and easy to use user interface

Revise Chapter
User can download the pdf file or watch the practical video online to revise especially when class test or exam is near.

Do Quiz
User can take the quiz to test their knowledge to know how well do they understand the module.

Check Score
After taking the quiz user are able check their score. It will motivate students to do better as they can compare score with their peers.

ITE AMK Campus
With GPS enabled user can find out the nearby eatery around AMK ITE

A timetable in this application would be easy and convenient for user to check their timetable

Push Alert
With push alert user can receive the latest update on campus events and promotions.

Latest content would be updated automatic so user do need to update the apps.
Application is still on beta testing and is currently not on Google Play store yet, we are still working on to improve further.

Guest of honour Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister of State for Finance And Transport visiting the most liked app which is PP-Coupon created by students from Nanyang Polytechnic

Award ceremony is held on 3 April 2013, result will also be announce on that day. Greatest new is that our team won the third prize in PlugFest IHL category, it was so unexpected! Each of us get a Google Nexus 7. Of course the biggest credit goes to Mr Sia(Right).


PlugFest is primarily supported by Google and Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Singapore. PlugFest is inspired by "The Voice" singing competition and plans to mentor the participants.


Monday, April 1, 2013
Qoo10 is a online retail store selling item from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world.
Yes Korea, you heard that! Items are directly imported from Korea.

If you have heard about the brand Gmarket it has been rebranded to Qoo10.  Why Qoo10?
Q stands for "Quest"
OO stands for "Search"
10 stands for "Perfection and completeness"

This month is Qoo10 birthday! By celebrating Qoo10 birthday they are organising a Flash Sale every hour for attractive items such as Longchamp handbags, Casio Edifice watches, OPI products etc. at marked down prices!

At Qoo10 there are so much to choose from!
Fashion & Clothing
Beauty & Sports
Digital & Mobile
Living & Autos
Baby & Food
Books & Music
Deal & Entertain

Qoo10 are also having a $1 lucky auction, join me and place a bid. Who knows you might be a winner ;)

Look at the amount of coupon I have and imagine how much I could save by using those coupon

GET YOUR Birthday Exclusive Discount Coupon NOW!

If you are going to create a Qoo10 account please fill up the Recommender's Qnumber column with "900213062"

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