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In The Eye of an Invisible Light

An Infra-Red Photography I not only know how to take photograph and do photo editing I also know how to IR Photography. Do you? What is IR Photography? Infrared (I.R.) photography is about capturing invisible light that human eyesight cannot be detected. The world will look different in IR Photography in terms of colours, textures, leaves and plants, human skin, etc. It opens up a new, different optical dimension for the photographer and a new way of looking at the world around us. It allows artists to create images that make infrared light-waves visible, even though they are unseen to the human eye. Very often the resulting photos are visions of a surreal and delicate world. Current applications of I.R. Photography include criminology and celestial photography. Read more about IR Photography on Wikipedia How to take IR Photo? There are two ways where you can take a IR Photo, technique used to take photo using these two different method are different as well as the co

Cyber Wellness - Risk, Threats and Vulnerability

Good news all, I have gotten full mark for last Wednesday Cyber Wellness exam! Luckily I finish reading the whole notes I have and schedule it in my blog within 3 hour if not I don't think I can even get that kind of score. Phew~ Chapter 2 Identify the Risk, Threats and Vulnerability of using the Internet Nowadays other than games, youth are attracted to many online activities such as blogging and instant messaging, I can admit that I am one of them. I check my Whatsapp, Instagram, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other shopping website as often as I can. In this post you can also learn about different type of computer virus. Popular online activities amongst the youth E-mail - I agree that E-mail is great for helping people keep in touch, but it does have some drawbacks, such as spam (junk mail), and Phishing ( Read previous chapter for Phishing ). Blog - Not everyone is a blogger but I myself is so how can I not love blogging? Even if you do not blog I believe some of you

Breach of Agreement

My problem have been solve now, defendant and family was honest enough to return me the money. When the defendant was remorseful for what he had done we all should forgive him because he still has a heart and should be given another chance. But still we should not judge people for who they are. From this incident I really have learnt a lot, especially the knownledge that was pass down to me by strangers. For those who saw me and the defendant phone number, defendant home address please do not harasses us as we should put this issues behind us, thank you. Source : sur centerblog. Below are all comments, feedback and questions received. All identity will remain Anonymous here. Feedback receive that I think are worth sharing: Do you still have the imei?? use this link so he won't be able to sell his phone. Post the imei on forums too Report about your imei number to police and IDA, go to SCT to file a case too. Can visit an

Being cheated

This post is dedicate to all shoppers, seller and victim like me to warn you all about a guy who is out there to cheat people money and item. I know by posting this here I am taking up some risk and putting myself in danger, if I dare to post I am not afraid to face it. If you have the intend to cheat then you should be prepared to face the consequence. No one can be blame upon what has happen. Even though I may look young and blur there is not a need to put me as your target because I am a easy target, regarding real life or in the cyber world this was not the first time I got cheated. Keeping quiet doesn't help, how about voicing it out? Is there use? I guess the answer is "NO". Why? Read on and you will find out. I was a all-time-honest-seller, goods was always well receive into my buyer hands and full sum amount of money is always handed well to me. But this time I did not take safety precaution, all I can say is don't trust people too much especially str

Cyber Wellness - Protect your computer

Hey yo I have just reached home hours ago. I am dead beat tired after the workout just now in school. It was my first time trying out the gym equipment in school and my classmate decided to visit the gym more often, I finally found accompany to go to the gym with me hehe. By right I should be sleeping right now but then I will be having my Cyber wellness test later and I think that I need to share these information with you guys while helping me to revise at the same time. To me all these are basic knowledge but maybe some of you might not know the harm you or your computer can receive. Now I am going to try memorising my whole notes and will be copying some of the useful information here, post will be automatic schedule for publish every Wednesday at 1:00 AM. Enjoy and have a protective day :) and I don't know who would actually want to read these post. Chapter 1 Protect your computer with the latest security updates The world is now highly connected through the use of info-com

My first perm

I was an beauty therapist apprentices before, whether me performing an eyelash perming for people or therapist perming my eyelash for me is not a problem. What I am worried about is getting my hair perm. I was always hesitating whether to perm my hair or not. When I was having middle length hair I told myself to wait for my hair to grow longer so that I could get a perm. When my hair grew longer I will find it too boring and get it snip off. When my hair is long I am afraid to perm, scare I would look ugly in it and I will be wasting my money so I end up cutting it away. Last Monday in school while waiting for time to pass I made an impromptu choice, I decided to spend my 3 hour to get myself a digital perm. One reason to perm my hair is I always wanted a thick looking hair and my hair is very thin, I also have some bald area on top of my head and it is way to costly to spend my money on getting a scalp treatment. Now let's take a look at my hair  before perm, 100% Natural

Campus Game Fest 2013 (Day1)

Today mark the first day of CAMPUS GAME FEST & COMIFEST 2013, Game Fest is a three days and two nights game festival that joint collaboration between the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Singapore's Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA). Proud to be in ITE which I get a chance to join the Cosplay Photography and Videography competition, today was the first day of competition and also my very first time getting close up to Cosplayer. During the competition Canon camera is sponsored for us to take pictures and video. Camera that are sponsored are the Canon Powershot series which include G1X , G16 , Powershot N , S110 , SX510HS and SX260HS . But then.... we are not allowed to choose the camera nor the cosplayer to shoot, to play it fair we are require to draw lots. Cosplayer are all getting themselves ready while waiting for the event to get started . . . After the briefing is done and we are all ready to