In The Eye of an Invisible Light

Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Infra-Red Photography

I not only know how to take photograph and do photo editing I also know how to IR Photography. Do you?

What is IR Photography?

Infrared (I.R.) photography is about capturing invisible light that human eyesight cannot be detected.
The world will look different in IR Photography in terms of colours, textures, leaves and plants, human skin, etc. It opens up a new, different optical dimension for the photographer and a new way of looking at the world around us. It allows artists to create images that make infrared light-waves visible, even though they are unseen to the human eye. Very often the resulting photos are visions of a surreal and delicate world. Current applications of I.R. Photography include criminology and celestial photography.

How to take IR Photo?

There are two ways where you can take a IR Photo, technique used to take photo using these two different method are different as well as the colour developed and post-processing.

IR Converted Camera

With a modified infrared camera you will be able to shoot IR photo more easier as you don't need to bring a IR filter around and the exposure time are much more shorter so that you don't really need a tripod. There are shop that do IR modification to your camera, else you can Do-It-Yourself but it is not recommend as something may go wrong, however not all camera can be converted to a IR Camera. After you have convert your camera it will become a full spectrum camera which many people use for ghost hunting(kind of scary to me).

IR transmitting filters

Also called Infrared cut-off filters, IR filters or heat-absorbing filter, it is designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while allowing visible light to pass through. Filter available from Hoya(R72) are from 52mm to 72mm, of course there are bigger filter where you can find in the market. As for unmodified camera you are require to use a tripod to take your photograph as it require long exposure, I am sure you don't want your photo to turn out blurry ;)

Photo and Tutorial

Here are a few pictures that I have took and after post-processing:

Canon EOS 450D full spectrum, f/6.3 1/80sec ISO-100

This was my first ever attempt to edit an ir photo and first time doing panorama shot, might not be a good job but among the rest this photo took me the longest time to edit.

Canon EOS 450D Full spectrum, f/9 1/160sec ISO-400

For this picture I played with the colours on channel mixer and black & white, as I never see real snow before this is what I have in my imagination.

Canon EOS 450D Full spectrum, f/8 1/125sec ISO-200

This was taken at the Forest Walk, it was a trail where you can choose to go up or down. In this picture I have a inspiration to split it into half as I am confuse of which way to go.

Canon EOS 450D Full spectrum, f/8 1/200sec ISO-200

This photo was not taken by me but I edited this, this is a very simple photo but somehow hard to edit because of the small leaves on the ground that took me time to colour it bit by bit.

Canon EOS 450D Full spectrum, f/8 1/125sec ISO-100

Editing landscape is not an easy job however editing a photo with human inside is even harder because it will take up a lot of time just to find the skin colour of a human, also by taking human in IR it will make the skin almost flawless and there might be some visible veins too.

Below is a playlist of IR Photography Tutorial on post-processing:

Visit us

That's all I have here, to learn and find out more do visit us as we will be having an exhibition at Singapore National Library from 2nd November 2013 to 10 November 2013 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM. Do head down for the sharing session to learn more about IR Photography on 10 November 2013 and experience the live demonstration on post-processing also to look at the photo we have took and edited. RSVP Now!

Exhibition is supported by the National Arts Council Arts and Cultural Presentation Grant.

Sharing session is limited to 60 participants only, to secure you place please register at the library eKiosks or

Here is a preview of the exhibitions:

Mr. Liew Beng Keong, Deputy Principal of ITE College Central came to support us the day before the actual exhibition is held.

Students feeling excited and nervous while waiting to present their exhibits

I will be there on 8 November 2013 and 10 November 2013

Don't forget to sign off before you leave

See you~!


Cyber Wellness - Risk, Threats and Vulnerability

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Good news all, I have gotten full mark for last Wednesday Cyber Wellness exam! Luckily I finish reading the whole notes I have and schedule it in my blog within 3 hour if not I don't think I can even get that kind of score. Phew~

Chapter 2
Identify the Risk, Threats and Vulnerability of using the Internet

Nowadays other than games, youth are attracted to many online activities such as blogging and instant messaging, I can admit that I am one of them. I check my Whatsapp, Instagram, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other shopping website as often as I can. In this post you can also learn about different type of computer virus.

Popular online activities amongst the youth

  • E-mail - I agree that E-mail is great for helping people keep in touch, but it does have some drawbacks, such as spam (junk mail), and Phishing (Read previous chapter for Phishing).
  • Blog - Not everyone is a blogger but I myself is so how can I not love blogging? Even if you do not blog I believe some of you do read people blog like how you are reading mine right now. A blog is a place where a person can post diary-like entries electronically. Blogger like me need to understand that the information we post online(here) can be read by anyone, everyone, friends, family or stranger I believer we need some privacy too and we should never post information such as our real address or phone number online which could put us into danger. Study shows that teen bloggers often willingly reveal their actual names, age and offline locations, putting them at risk for cyber stalking and cyber bullying. I once used Foursquare, I will check-in to every location I been to but not as crazy as checking-in when I am moving about my house. Now it is the 2nd time I have stopped using Foursquare for awhile, the 1st time I stop using it is I have been physically stalk which is cause by cyber stalking I guess. I hope this teaches people not to post information that is too personal to you anywhere online. Blogs are an excellent way of sharing and discussing information on any subject under the sun. The point is about using it carefully. 
  • Instant Messaging - Unlike e-mail messages, instant messaging, or IM, allows people to talk to in “real” time. As a user, you can post a message, and then instantly see any replies from other instant messaging users. You can also create a list of contacts and block messages from people you don’t want to talk with. Like e-mail, users can send attachments with their messages. You can also use microphones and/or webcams as you send messages. MSN was once popular within youth during year 2000, maybe for now skype is even popular? I am not sure about that because the most often instant messaging application I am using is Whatsapp. Instant messaging is a great way to stay in touch over long distances and chat with friends without the phone, but there are some risks involved which need to be taken care of.
  • Chat room, social networking website - Chatrooms are places on the Internet where people gather to chat. Some are open to the public, and others are private and restricted to those with authorized access. People can chat “one on one” or with a group of people. Like e-mail, chatrooms can help bring people together, but their content is not always appropriate for children. It is important to understand that you meet all varieties of people in chatrooms. I have not tried this before but still, I've got to say becareful.

Risks of using Internet applications

Let’s take a look at some of the risks which you are vulnerable to while in cyberspace
  • Phishing (Read previous chapter for Phishing)
  • Identity Theft - Identity theft occurs when someone uses or exploits the personal identifying information of another person such as: name, social security number, ID number, etc to commit fraud or engage in other unlawful activities. Moreover, the scale of online identity theft can exceed that of real-world crime. Numerous variations of this crime exist for example:
    • Opening new credit card accounts;
    • Taking over existing credit card accounts
    • Applying for loans
    • Renting apartments
    • Contracting with utility companies
    • Issuing fraudulent checks using another person’s name and account number
    • Stealing and transferring money from existing bank account etc
  • Spyware - A computer software that is installed unknowingly on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent. Spyware programs can collect various types of personal information, such as Internet surfing habit, sites that have visited, and can also interfere with user control of the computer. Spyware can even change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, different home pages, and loss of Internet or other programs.
  • Virus, Worm, Macro Virus & Trojan horse
    • Virus - A type of tiny little program that gets loaded onto your computer without your knowing it and then starts running amok. It replicate itself and pass itself along to infect other computers by burying itself inside something larger, such as word document or the programming code of a piece of software, which then takes a ride to another computer on a disk or as an e-mail attachment or by some other method of file transfer causing your computer to crash. Virus can burn your motherboard, some virus can delete your root program, erase your data, etc.
    • Worm - Worms are similar to viruses in that they can copy themselves and do bad things to the computers they invade. Worms are also notorious loners, though, so they generally don’t attach themselves to the programming code of files or dig deeply in the out-of-the-way corners of disks or hard drives, as viruses do. Instead, worms send copies of themselves over the Internet directly, or, as in the case of the ILOVEYOU worm, they can hitch a ride in an e-mail message.
    • Macro Virus - A category of virus that’s quite unique: Rather than be its own little program or application, it makes its appearance in the form of a macro embedded in a document file. To understand macro viruses, you first have to understand macros. Many software applications (like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) allow you to create macros, which are nothing more than a way of recording long series of commands and then repeating the series of commands over and over again with just a keystroke or two.
    • Trojan horse - A Trojan horse program tricks you into loading and running it by pretending to be something that it’s not. The perfect example of a Trojan horse is a file that masquerades as an antivirus software patch but is really a virus.Some Trojan horses are coupled with other types of viruses, such as macro viruses, which then generate new Trojan horses that get passed along to others.

Avoid a Virus: Seven Rules to Stop It

  • Get a good antivirus software - If you don’t have an anti-virus software installed on your computer, get some! For me I am using a free anti-virus software by AVG.
  • Keep your antivirus software updated. (at least once a week is recommended)
  • Virus-scan every FLASH thumb drive or USB HDD disk that plug into your computer.
  • Treat attachment with care - Just as you wouldn't French kiss every stranger walking down the street for fear of what diseases you may catch, accepting unknown files from strangers is an equally bad idea. Remember this advice: Don’t open unexpected files or attachments from people you do know until you've confirmed why they sent them, and don’t ever accept files or attachments from people you don’t know.
  • Don’t accept downloads from strange Web sites - Unless the website has a good reason for sending you something to download, you’re wise to reject those automatic download boxes that sometimes pop up.
  • After you download files, scan them immediately - Make sure that you scan all files or programs you download before you install or run them. Even if your favourite shareware web site claims that they virus-scan everything, take the few extra seconds to run your own virus scan before installing new software. Likewise, your should also take the time to scan all files sent from co-workers and friends before opening them. Many antivirus software packages let you right-click on a file to scan it instantly and now that you know, you also know that you have no excuse not to.
  • Check your macros at the door - Make sure that any programs on your computer that use macros (most commonly word, excel, etc) have their macro-related security settings set to their highest setting. These setting alerts you to the presence of a macro before it’s executed, giving you a chance to run a virus scan on the file before executing the macro and to possibly avert disaster.
Declaration: I mean no harm or infringement of copyright, am re-posting to share and create awareness on Cyber Wellness only.
Source: ITE Cyber Wellness Notes

Breach of Agreement

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
My problem have been solve now, defendant and family was honest enough to return me the money. When the defendant was remorseful for what he had done we all should forgive him because he still has a heart and should be given another chance. But still we should not judge people for who they are.

From this incident I really have learnt a lot, especially the knownledge that was pass down to me by strangers. For those who saw me and the defendant phone number, defendant home address please do not harasses us as we should put this issues behind us, thank you.

Source : sur centerblog.

Below are all comments, feedback and questions received. All identity will remain Anonymous here.

Feedback receive that I think are worth sharing:

Do you still have the imei?? use this link so he won't be able to sell his phone. Post the imei on forums too

Report about your imei number to police and IDA, go to SCT to file a case too. Can visit any LEGAL debt collection company to file a case too. At SCT the lady there will have a appointment for you and that guy.
Example today you file the thingy to SCT, the lady will give you a letter that says 28/10/2013, you and that guy must come to SCT and sit down together with a 'government person' to solve the issue. There is a admin fee to pay, less than 50 I believe. You and that guy will receive a official court letter via mail box. To ask your to attend the court thingy. How long is takes depend how early you go. The longer you drag the longer they schedule you.

Frequently asked question:

Q: How u get cheat?
A: Read

Q: Did u report this case to the authorities?
A: Made a police report already but they can't do anything about it.

Q: You met him before? you sure that's his real identification card?
A:  I meet up with him to pass him the product, I took the photo of his identification card myself.

Q: O.O that is near my blk... u sure the ic match his looks n all?
A: I am sure the IC match his looks as I took the photo of his IC by myself.

Q: Serene u have the bank transaction receipt? If have than he confirmed die
A: Unfortunately he did not transfer anything to me.

Q: The venue that he did this transaction with you. there cctv
A: As stated in my blog post "During meet up he was standing at a spot where is not visible to the camera..."

Q: But maybe you could go to his address on the ic and get the phone back ?
A: It is not advise to do so by the police as it is dangerous and argument may be brought up, however we have already done our own scouting.

Comment receive:

U too trustful la. shld not give him take hm. next time just be more careful ba. Best case use agreement form plus tumb print. the person cfm wont run. LOL!

Next time watch out !! Dont trust them so easily glad you make a report  I report my friend who scam me 400+ too also same thing , Breach of Agreement. She claim she dunno me like wth. Oh yeah, do report this to carousell they will block the person!!

You should not give him the phone till he pay you the full amt.. if not he won't keep negotiating with you the price with so many stories.

Luckily this lesson only costs you a few hundred bucks. Like what you wrote at the end " keep serene and carry on"...

Report police!

Damn fktup sia ._.

Wah next time should be careful

Don't deal on other platforms except ebay. I deal with ebay as a customer for many times no problem I get my products. In camp, no pink IC one. He use this new kind of tactic to cheat people. You should have sell it on ebay then won't meet this kind of customers. I also believe in karma he will get back what he did to others, is just a matter of time. Sooner or later.

Just file a police report.

This kind of case, police bo chup de

Breach of agreement means no black and white paper to sign or proof. And also he didnt point a gun at your forehead. Unless he rob you use knife is different thing. Always rmb when selling goods. No money no talk, this is not a market to ask for discount. Police wont do anything. Unless got another victim report him again then they take action. You should have take his ic lor, he no reply right use ic borrow money from ah long. Ah long find him and nt find you. Plus pink ic dam impt in singapore. Can say im being an asshole. But to him only.

Either u report lost if ur hp or report it as a scam

Be careful next time...

Dicks like him ruin mutual trust between strangers.

Being cheated

Sunday, October 27, 2013
This post is dedicate to all shoppers, seller and victim like me to warn you all about a guy who is out there to cheat people money and item. I know by posting this here I am taking up some risk and putting myself in danger, if I dare to post I am not afraid to face it. If you have the intend to cheat then you should be prepared to face the consequence. No one can be blame upon what has happen.

Even though I may look young and blur there is not a need to put me as your target because I am a easy target, regarding real life or in the cyber world this was not the first time I got cheated. Keeping quiet doesn't help, how about voicing it out? Is there use? I guess the answer is "NO". Why? Read on and you will find out.

I was a all-time-honest-seller, goods was always well receive into my buyer hands and full sum amount of money is always handed well to me. But this time I did not take safety precaution, all I can say is don't trust people too much especially strangers because you will never know what are they up to. People can say all kind of stuff to buy your trust and then break it with just one tiny move.

It all started in a mobile application called "Carousell", it is a market place that allows you to sell and buy unused/new item. I am not trying to promote anything here. You can easily create a account to shop and browse through a list of product that sellers post, selling an product there is quite easy and "safe" too all you need is an account, snap some photo, add in some description and list it up then users will be able to view them. What I think is safe about the website is that you can offer a price to the seller and then have a private chat within the seller and buyer on further negotiating or discussion without giving out your phone number. One day I decided try out the application to sell my Samsung Note 2 and that was how I got cheated from a guy using "Carousell".

Defendant claims that he is married with a children, he is currently in army and stayed at Sin Ming Road. On the day that we was dealing he also claims that it was his wife birthday. Can a guy in army possess a Pink IC? Why do he lie to me that he stay at Sin Ming Road when his IC stated Serangoon.

I have receive a tip off about this guy regarding his National Service. If he is serving NS he cannot get the Pink IC, the Pink IC will be return to him after ORD which is after 2 year of service unless he is going back for reservist. From what I heard, he is from Ang Mo Quee Camp 2SIR 2007 Mono-Intake Support Company(might not be accurate). So this prove that the information he gave me is a fake unless he went back for reservist! IF that is a fake it will be another plus point for him having the intention to cheat. His wife and children is real but I will not be posting photo of them because they are not involve in this.

On each picture, read conversation starting from the bottom.
The picture on the top right shows that he has a typo on "Sing Ming" when it is spelled as Sin Ming

Below is the WhatsApp conversation after I gave him my number:

Don't you find anything fishy about this WhatsApp message? If he has a smart phone I am sure he have a iBanking account but why can't he transfer the money personally to me as a deposit so I rest assured that he confirm want the phone so I can reserve it for him.

On the 3rd picture by the left around 7:25 PM can clearly tell you that we have already met up. During meet up he was standing at a spot where is not visible to the camera when I said I want to meet him at the control station/Map area, the place he was standing is also just nice a smoking area. So maybe he can use smoking as an excuse if we want to stand somewhere else. This shows that he is up to something.

 During Meet Up
 I went to meet him together with my boyfriend. When I handed the Samsung Note 2 over to the defendant and I asked him to check through he did not but instead asked me to check it for him. I am like "He is the buyer and the phone suppose to be his and why is he not even checking it?" When I was setting up the phone for him during one of the procedure I ask him to key in his First and Last name because it was required, he felt reluctant  and he do not want to do it. During the transaction he keep calling his "wife" several time to ask about how to deal with me when we have already fixed the deal at $340. 

Defendant tried to negotiation with me saying that today was his wife birthday and he actually wanted to buy the phone to surprise her. How can he call the wife and tell the wife that he has met me and gotten his hand on the phone when he want to give it to her as a surprise?! He told us that this was the 3rd time purchasing a Samsung Note 2, the previous 2 time he had receive a faulty phone so he need to check it thoroughly this time in-case he receive a faulty phone again. We can choose not to believe but instead we trusted him. He said that his wife wants to check the phone first so he wanted to give us a portion of the money and his IC first to bring back the phone to show his wife so we requested for $250 and he said was a bit too much so he asked for $140 and we think that it was too little so we ask for 50% of $340 which is $170 and we don't need his IC, just a photo of it will do.

After agreeing to the price of $170 to lend him the phone to bring home back to show his wife he said to be back by 12 midnight to tell me if he wants the phone a not because his wife ends her work at 10 PM. So he asked by 12 we will still be awake right? Is that a question trying to test us? If only we sleep then he can run away with the phone? At first he said that he will buy the phone no matter what, now he is considering. If he is taking the phone then we will pass him the box, charger and everything else then we will get the another $170, if he do not want the phone then we will return the $170 to him and we will get back the phone.

When he was leaving the place after getting the phone he asked me "What bus do I take to Bishan from here?" then I am thinking "Hello, the MRT is right infront of you and it only takes 2min to reach Bishan by train why the hell do he want to take a bus?" And I thought he say that he stay near "Sing Ming" I think it was a lie, if he stay nearby why will there will be typo, if he stay nearby he should be familiar with the transport around here.

As you can see from the screenshot of our WhatsApp conversation I texted him at 10:30 PM asking how is it and he said that he was still waiting for his wife. Until 12 Midnight I still did not receive a confirmation from him whether he wants the phone or not, we also tired calling him but the line did not get through. So we decided to make a trip to the police station to file a report and he said that we scared him?! Trying to buy our trust again is it?! From then until 4:52 AM then he reply my message, but too bad I am not afraid to say I have already made a police report regarding this matter.

I suspect that he has more than one hand phone. When dealing he was using a lousy Nokia phone, which I don't think it run with Android or IOS as "Carousell" is currently only available in App Store and Google Play. Now he has block me on WhatsApp, not replying to my SMS nor answering my call. You can call me stupid or dumb to believe him but as a human we at least need to have a basic trust to communicate AND not taking people for granted.

I have already file a police report regarding this incident and it was place under "Breach of Agreement", well the police can't do anything about it and I was refer to Small Case Tribunals. I have went to three different police center to report this case and all of them came out with the same conclusion, Small Case Tribunals. From the start he already have the intention to CHEAT but why isn't the police doing anything. The problem is not about the money, it is about the guy going around cheating people yet no one is going to do anything about it. Police will not investigate means that he may be out there to cheat other people and not getting caught? If that's so can I use the same method as what he used on me to other cheat people? Do you think that it is really worth to go to the Small Case Tribunals just to report this matter? In my opinion, NO. Do you think that there's any other legal way to deal with this? No. What can I do? Nothing, just blog.
You want free stuff? Sure thing! Make friend with me, if I am happy I might give it to you for FREE. There is no need to cheat me, I believe in justice and karma, if I cannot get you someone else will definitely do it. Watch your back.

Incident that no one wish to happen has already happen, other than putting the blame onto ourselves we should "Keep Serene and Carry On"

The problem is that everybody treats teenagers like they're stupid.
- Johnny Depp


Cyber Wellness - Protect your computer

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Hey yo I have just reached home hours ago. I am dead beat tired after the workout just now in school. It was my first time trying out the gym equipment in school and my classmate decided to visit the gym more often, I finally found accompany to go to the gym with me hehe. By right I should be sleeping right now but then I will be having my Cyber wellness test later and I think that I need to share these information with you guys while helping me to revise at the same time. To me all these are basic knowledge but maybe some of you might not know the harm you or your computer can receive. Now I am going to try memorising my whole notes and will be copying some of the useful information here, post will be automatic schedule for publish every Wednesday at 1:00 AM. Enjoy and have a protective day :) and I don't know who would actually want to read these post.

Chapter 1
Protect your computer with the latest security updates

The world is now highly connected through the use of info-communication technology and I think everyone should be aware of the potential security threats that may affect us while we are in cyber space. Be a responsible surfer and protect ourselves when we surf the internet.

Common essential computer security terms

  • Firewall - A secure and trusted software that sits between a private network and a public network, it is a software designed to block hackers and unauthorized connections from accessing our computer. It also block our computer from sending out information to the internet without our approval.
  • Patch operating system - A patch is a small piece of software designed to update or fix problems with a computer program or its supporting data. This includes fixing bugs improving the usability or performance. You should know or patch often if you play games, even updating your mobile application can also be counted as a patch.
  • Anti-virus software - A term used to describe a computer program that attempts to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software. Anti-virus software helps to detect and remove malicious software (e.g. virus, worm and Trojan) that can perform harmful activities such as copying and deleting your files without your permission.
  • Anti-Spyware - Anti-Spyware is a program designed to remove or to block spyware, as well as reduce other chances of getting spyware on your system. It uses real time protection against the installation of spyware software on your computer and much more easier to use, this is a software that is already installed in your computer, all you need to do is search for "Windows Defender".

Basic step to protect your computer

  • Enable Firewall - Configure the firewall to block other computers on the internet from accessing your computer.
  • Patch operating system regularly - It is very important to keep yourself aware of security updates to all of the software on your machine. The easiest way to do this is to check the software vendor or developer's website on a regular basis or to join a mailing list that keeps users informed about security vulnerabilities and updates.
  • Install an anti-spyware software - Read the license agreement or Terms & Conditions before installing freeware or sharewares.
  • Do not open suspicious Emails - Scan all email attachments for viruses before opening them.
  • Fight Spam - Be careful when giving your email address or mobile number to strangers.
  • Password protection - Log out and clear the internet cache after all transactions like internet banking etc.

Uses of security update

Have anyone heard of Online Phishing(Pronounces as fishing)? Here is something interesting for a online shopper/deals lover like me. Beware of Phishing! It is a common form of scam on the internet, it is a method of identity theft that tricks you into revealing personal or financial information online. It uses fake Website or deceptive e-mail messages that mimic trusted businesses and brands in order to steal personally identifiable information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.
Turn on automatic Phising Filter to protect yourself.

Some security tips on Phishing:
  • Do not click on links provided in suspicious e-mails to access the website.
  • Do not provide personal information to requests received via e-mail.
  • Look for signs of a fake website
  • Suspicious website address
  • Address of the page where you submit information does not start with https:// and lock symbol is missing from the status bar.
  • Asking for more information than needed like credit card number etc.
  • Obvious spelling and grammatical errors.
After reading this post do remember to

Firewall - Install a firewall and configure it securely.
Anti-virus -  Install anti-virus software and update its dictionary regularly.
Scams & Spam - Beware of spam emails and fake websites.

Update - Update your operating system and software with security patches.
Password - Create strong passwords and keep them safe.

and wish me luck for my test later on :) will be typing out the rest of the chapter, do bookmark(Ctrl+D) my blog and look out for this page.

Declaration: I mean no harm or infringement of copyright, am re-posting to share and create awareness on Cyber Wellness only.
Source: ITE Cyber Wellness Notes

My first perm

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was an beauty therapist apprentices before, whether me performing an eyelash perming for people or therapist perming my eyelash for me is not a problem. What I am worried about is getting my hair perm.

I was always hesitating whether to perm my hair or not. When I was having middle length hair I told myself to wait for my hair to grow longer so that I could get a perm. When my hair grew longer I will find it too boring and get it snip off. When my hair is long I am afraid to perm, scare I would look ugly in it and I will be wasting my money so I end up cutting it away. Last Monday in school while waiting for time to pass I made an impromptu choice, I decided to spend my 3 hour to get myself a digital perm. One reason to perm my hair is I always wanted a thick looking hair and my hair is very thin, I also have some bald area on top of my head and it is way to costly to spend my money on getting a scalp treatment.

Now let's take a look at my hair before perm, 100% Natural NO Dye NO Reborn worst is I did not do treatment for the past few month and I am using heat styling tool almost everyday.



Things to know before you get a perm:
  1. Do treatment 1 or 2 day before you get a perm because your hair will be dry after you perm as it require a strong chemical to perm.
  2. Do NOT cut your hair, your stylist will trim your hair into layer so that you can achieve a more volume perm look and also to trim away those split ends.
  3. If you have long fringe think about are you going to keep them straight or are you going to perm them
  4. Wait for at least 6 month to get your hair perm if you just did any chemical hair treatment.
  5. Best not to apply any hair product as it might not be washed off clearly and leave your hair with excess oil.

This are the Shampoo and Condition I thought of using on perm hair, could not thought of any to use. If you have any to recommend please comment.

Stylist recommend me to buy this sculpturing gel(right) to apply on my hair every time after washing to maintain the curl, was also told to mix with any serum I like so I decided to use the anti-frizz serum(left) I bought sometime ago. 

Just a "fifty-cents" drop with a mixture of my desire serum will do.

A friend of mine told me that a perm would last up to one year. My hair is kind of straight-stubborn, it is very resistant so I am afraid that my hair will not absorb the chemical and will become straight very soon after I perm.

I remember at first my curls was tight after removing the rod and I am thinking "Why so aunty, am I going to regret it?" and when the stylist wash away the neutralizer I saw my hair almost straight! And now in my mind I am thinking "Oh my god did my hair not absorb the perm solution, don't tell me I have waste my time sitting here and my hair is still straight?!" When my hair is semi-dry the hair stylist used an heat dryer to twirl my hair to set it into shape while waiting for it to dry and my hair turn out curl, later she then later apply the product that she recommend me to buy on my hair.

Am keeping track on my hair for the past few days, now I am going to share with you on how and what I do to my hair after a perm:

Day 1
14 October 2013, 11:59 PM
Before sleep
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Salon serum

Was constantly twisting my hair afraid that it would fall apart.

Day 2
15 October 2013, 1:20 PM
After I wake up
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Salon serum

Myth: Not to wash your hair until 48 hours after the perm.

Day 2
15 October 2013, 10:46PM
After hair wash, air dry
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Anti-frizz serum

I washed my hair after 24 hour of waiting as I am not used to not washing my hair.

Day 3
16 October 2013, 11:39 AM
After hair wash, air dry
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Anti-frizz serum

I dare not comb my hair when there is still the smell of the perm solution, but today I comb it.
If you know me in real life you should know that I love combing my hair and I comb it almost every minute and hour.This time I endure it for 2 day before I can comb it.

Day 4
17 October 2013, 1:02 PM
After hair wash, air dry
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Anti-frizz serum + Volumizing spray

Day 6
19 October 2013, 2:49 PM
When I was out
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Anti-frizz serum + Volumizing spray

Was quite sad that I can't clip up my fringe as it keeps falling off, last resort is to tie it temporary

Day 7
20 October 2013, 6:11 PM
After hair wash, air dry
No product on hair

Day 7
20 October 2013, 6:28 PM
After hair wash, air dry
Product on hair: Sculpturing gel + Anti-frizz serum

Now I only hope that the curl can last me up to at least six month till April 2014

Things to know after you get a perm:
  1. Spray a volumizing product to the roots and blow-dry at the scalp to create added lift, I do it almost every day even when I am not having a perm.
  2. Air dry your hair. If you must use a hairdryer, make sure you use one with a diffuser to avoid further damage.
  3. Carefully towel blots your hair dry after wash. Avoid tangles as it can damage the hair perm.
  4. Use hair products specially created for permed hair.
  5. Products known as rejuvenators are used to keep your perm in good shape. These products will also add shine and body to your hair.
  6. Don't need to worry about your perm faded off, you can still trim your split's end as normal. Your perm might even turn out better and bouncier.

A perm is permanent. If you want to see how you look like with curly hair or get a temporary curl do try hot rollers or curling iron, instead if you want curly, wavy, or hair with the body every day, a perm is a way to go.

Unfortunately, my fringe has been trimmed short :( now I have difficulties clipping up my hair. Do I have the patience to wait for it to grow or should I get bangs?


Campus Game Fest 2013 (Day1)

Friday, October 4, 2013
Today mark the first day of CAMPUS GAME FEST & COMIFEST 2013, Game Fest is a three days and two nights game festival that joint collaboration between the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Singapore's Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA).

Proud to be in ITE which I get a chance to join the Cosplay Photography and Videography competition, today was the first day of competition and also my very first time getting close up to Cosplayer. During the competition Canon camera is sponsored for us to take pictures and video.

Camera that are sponsored are the Canon Powershot series which include G1X, G16, Powershot N, S110, SX510HS and SX260HS.

But then.... we are not allowed to choose the camera nor the cosplayer to shoot, to play it fair we are require to draw lots.

Cosplayer are all getting themselves ready while waiting for the event to get started

After the briefing is done and we are all ready to set off, one restriction is we are only allowed to shoot in the school. That is a +1 difficulties for all of us as the campus only got limited places to shoot and teams from other college might not be familiar with the place.

Photos from Canon Powershot G16 - $699

Most of the photographer that took part in the Cosplay Photography and Videography Competition owns a DSLR(I am not one of them). Powershot G16 functions is almost similiar to a DSLR just that the body is more compact and this new G series comes with build-in WiFi which allows you to sync your photo into your phone and upload onto the social media more conveniently. 

Visit the Campus Game Fest today and receive close beta key, plush toys and many other goodies from the game booth.

Get overnight and all day grandstand access at only $5/day

Game Fest 2013 will be filled with a day full of activities and performances.

Free seating spectator seat are also available in-case you want to rest or watch players compete in their games from the big screen.

Superhero's costume collections on display! By looking at this I feel like dressing up as SuperWomen for one day and my boyfriend as SuperMan haha, that is once in a life time fun thing to do.

She is one of the short-listed Cosplayer in the Cosplay competition dressing as Doraemon

Wooooo~ A cute air balloon standing in the middle of no where near the entrance to Game Fest 2013

In-case you can't find the venue for Campus Game Fest 2013, it is located right at the very end of the school near the Orange block.

M Star

Cosplayer are welcome too, doesn't matter if you are taking part in the competition or not you still can Cosplay in this event.

Photos from Canon Powershot SX510HS - $399

Selling point for this Powershot is that they have 30x optical zoom and a full manual control, what I like about this camera is that their lowest ISO is 80. This is also the camera we got from the drawing of lots, which means that we are using this to compete with the other teams.

A sport photographer did a demonstration to us on how to use a Powershot SX510HS as we are not really familiar with the camera so he shown us how fast we can capture motion with the camera high shutter speed setting.

On my hand I am holding a Powershot N, will talk about it later in this post.

This is my favourite shot taken from Powershot SX510HS due to the lighting.

He is the Cosplayer we are assign to during this moring shot from drawing of lots.

One of the short listed Cosplayer

At the outdoor area of Game Fest 2013 we saw something interesting and decided to try it out.

Say "Hi" to Samantha the red transporter, each of the transporter actually have got their own name. I am not crazy.

I remember myself asking "Who invented this?" not because I don't like the invention, is because it is amazing. It sense our standing position and control where to go just by sensing our body movement, but the scary thing is it only has 2 wheel.

Photos from Canon Powershot N - $399

Powershot N is the first camera Canon has product with creative filter, it has a very small body size around the size of your palm, a CMOS sensor, flash and WiFi! Now you see how amazing a small camera can be? With a large sensor that is the same size as DSLR means letting more light into your photograph means better quality photo.

Hua Jie my partner for this competition playing with the Powershot SX510HS

He is the sport photographer I talked about just now, he is now showing us how to take a selfie with the Powershot N. 

Below are the creative filter that are created out of randomness from the Powershot N, just press the shutter once and it will gives you 6 images from a photo with different cropping and filter:

One don't just simply walk pass me when I am taking pictures

Awesome isn't it? You can capture a moments of life even without knowing how or what to frame.

In Game Fest 2013 you also get to win yourself a Canon Powershot N (click here to read more)

To wrap things up I would like you to know that there are 2 more days left before the GameFest 2013 end which is 5th and 6th October 2013. Campus Game Fest will also host a series of Talks & Workshops over the 5th and 6th of October, for talk attendees they have a special bonus just for you! Register for the talks now and stand a chance to win 1 Xbox 360 console and 2 Xbox game titles on Saturday and Sunday.

Entry is free!

Photo in this entry are contribute by Oh Wei Siang and Soh Hua Jie.
Shoot by Canon Powershot G16, Powershot N and Powershot SX510HS with minimal level and contrast enhancement.
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