Back to school

Monday, April 20, 2015
So much thoughts at night so I am here blogging while waiting for my food to digest before I sleep. About 2 months of term break and I am finally going back to school, feeling excited because I have thirst for knowledge. I am tired from rotting my days away.

I choose Logistics and Healthcare Applications Track as my first choice and I got it, well... not sure if I should be happy for always being able to get my first choice or to be sad that this is the least popular track because most are aiming for either Financial and Banking Applications Track or Enterprise Applications Track.

It was said that "Those born on 21st day of the month December are great organizer and speculators. This makes them most suited to being: Writer, Secretaries and Personal Assistants, Organizers, Negotiators, Mediator, Supervisors, the Financial sector (bankers and financial advisors), Publisher, Agents." Not sure of how true it is, and I don't see what I am studying now has any link but concentrating on what I am given now is the priority.

It's okay I should always look at the positive side, I should appreciate and focus on the opportunities that is given to me instead of the obstacle. Like what Albert Einstein quoted, "In the middle of every difficulties lies opportunity."

I am thinking if I should stop giving back more than I take in, I need to know that not everyone will treat me the same way as I treat them. Sometimes I get confuse if being selflessness is good or bad, why do I even posses such qualities why, it brings me so much suffering.


Some people are motivated by some unknown drive which makes them study real hard, I don't know their secret to it but I hope I will find out someday.

Some people have friends to keep them going on, without friends they can't survive the school semester. That's not me, I am okay to be alone furthermore I will be able to concentrate more alone because I get distracted easily.

Some people have other temporary reason to keep them motivated. You know this is temporary, we can only rely on others partially but not fully. 

To me the only motivation that will not die off is myself, the things I do now is for my own good, for my own progression, for my future, not to impress others nor wasting time doing things for the sake of doing it.

However I can't be positive all the time. I will also feel down and lost, road ahead of me will suddenly became foggy, me standing in the middle of the road would be wishing if only someone could pick me up to lead and guide me.

"Worrying about the future is tempting but useless. Do the best you can with what's right in front of you and the future will fall into place."

TCM Weight Management

I personally have tried TCM method for slimming at my tummy area, you will know if you follow me on Facebook. There is no pain, no side effect and of course it doesn't leave me any scar. For me I always take a nap during the process of my treatment. Slimming while sleeping is the best thing ever because there is no effort require. I feel that TCM promotes healthy weight loss and is a great option to lose weight naturally and effectively.

Eu Yan Sang’s TCM approach mainly uses acupuncture, coupled with prescribed herbal medication, cupping and ear acupressure.

Eu Yan Sang’s proprietary Weight Management Program has a stabilization period that helps prevent weight rebound.

Interested to find out more about Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Weight Management Program?
Sign up for the FREE WORKSHOP on 05 May 2015 by filing up the form here.
Dinner and refreshments will be provided during the workshop.
There will also be a token of appreciation for all successful attendees.


FOR BELOVED ONE - Red Wine Anti-oxidant Night Jelly

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. What if your tolerant for alcohol is not that high? What if you have health problem that should not consume any alcohol at all?

FOR BELOVED ONE provides dual protection by combining both external “antioxidant” and internal “antiglycation” protection to target the root cause of chronic inflammation and comprehensively relieve all skin problems and elevate overall skin condition.


Waterford Sukhumvit 50

Friday, April 10, 2015
Settle down in the apartment around 7pm+ Thailand time. The staff here is really funny, my mum spoke Thai to them end up they said they don't understand because they are not Thai (I am like what is happening). They said that most of them are from Myanmar and Philippines, ok now I understand why their English is not bad.

Requested to change into a smaller room because there is only 2 person staying therefore a 3 bedroom suite is too spacious for us therefore gave us a 1 bedroom junior suite.

This place is actually a condominium, because some of the block has vacancy hence they rent it out as a "hotel". I actually don't like this location but my dad ask me not to waste money on another hotel -.- this place is not even chosen by me la.

Going in and out is a breeze as there are motor-taxi around, it was my first time riding a motorcycle and the feeling is not as scary as I thought just that I need to be caution when alighting.

It's ok just need to endure a few more days.


To Bangkok

Currently on a 9 day 8 night trip to Bangkok and Chiang Rai. I am actually happy to have someone seeing me off the airport hehe. 

Will update my Instagram more frequently because it is way more convenient.



Thursday, April 9, 2015
Woke up this afternoon and saw Chevy's messages "Serene, where are you? Wanna go eat? Ben ask me to go makan."

Since my evening planned is being cancelled then I shall go for this, I need to eat anyway. Chevy suggested Choupinette (only 7 minute drive from my home), a place where three of us didn't go before. Ben is ranting as usual but today is worst because of his relationship problem and I have been laughing away. 

607 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 269708
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact: +65 6466 0613

Give my heart a rest

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
All brand mention in this post are personal recommendation & opinion and are not sponsored, writing are based on experience.

Readers be like, "Finally an update about life."

Met up Stacie for a swim because I remember she mention that swimming is a good way to distress, further more I want to slim down so why not, at the same time I could also practice swimming.

It is sad that we are going to be in a different class for the next semester as the specialization that we will be taking is not the same, for me I will be going into Logistics and Healthcare Applications Track and for Stacie it will be Enterprise Applications Track. Oh well, we will still be able to meet in school rightttt for lunch, for dinner, for revision and any everything. Can't wait for our overseas trip!

A&B's Looking Fabulous & Gorgeous New Year party

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Attended a party hosted by Aesthetics & Beauty at Lime House with many other beauty bloggers and exclusive brands partners from the beauty and wellness industry on January 31st 2015. Got close up with the brands representative and got a better understanding of their brand and products while I was doing booth hopping. In this blog post I have also review about some of the products and services from participating brands.

Participating brands:
Bene Premium | Dr. Benjamin Yim | Environ | Jane Iredale | Tealy

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