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Laser Treatment for Acne at Halley Medical Aesthetics - Result

Are you curious about how my skin condition has improved? In my previous blog post, I actually mention that I will be scheduled for another session with Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics to further improve my skin condition so here it is.  

The progress of my cheek fat removal with CoolMini at Halley Medical Aesthetics

A few months ago, I did a non-invasive treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics to remove stubborn fats in my cheeks using CoolSculpting , a technology that uses controlled cooling to target and kill fat cells. No surgery, no needles, no downtime needed.

Guide to Financial Freedom

All of us dream of having Passive income, which is earning from sources where we are not actively involved in. I dare to say it is possible to retire without financial worries regardless of current earning power, during the process what's important is time and health.  The question is how to achieve financial freedom? Read till the end, apply what you've learned and you will be there in a blink of time. My personal goal is to help people around me to be prudent in money management and live without financial worries because I know how it feels to have no money at all. 

Laser Treatment for Acne at Halley Medical Aesthetics

I visited the clinic again to treat my acne problem one week after I have done my  cheek fat removal with CoolMini at Halley Medical Aesthetics . Acne occurs when too much sebum is mixed with dead skin cells, forming a plug in the pores of our skin. The pores get blocked, bacteria sets in to create redness and swelling and pimples form. This may lead to pus-filled infections, breakouts, wounds, and scarring. Take a look at my skin condition, it is so bad that I will feel frustrated at times because the affected area hurt so much whenever there is an acne occurrent, especially at the chin area. Because of my flaw I've got to put on cream foundation every day which is not healthy for the skin.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Source: Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. Each year, about 1,930 women are newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and about 420 die from the disease (Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Registry Report (2011 - 2015). The chances of surviving Breast Cancer increase with early detection.

Cheek fat removal with CoolMini at Halley Medical Aesthetics

I have been wanting to get rid of my jowl fat for the longest time. I have tried out make-up techniques such as contouring, several face exercises that are found online, and using Photoshop to contour my face. But those are just a temporary solution which is not suitable for lazy people. I even considered going under the knife to make my face slimmer which is an unacceptable procedure for most people. It is also expensive and comes with risks.

Funsiamo - Let's Have Fun Together!

Never thought baking could be done so effortlessly 🎂

TS Dental Care - Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Can you believe I used to be ignorant and will refuse to visit the dental when I was in primary and secondary school? Behind my beautiful smiling today which many have been praising, it comes with regular maintenance by a knowledgeable and skillful doctor. Of course, I've got to put in some effort by fitting a dental appointment to my busy schedule. Some people like me will never know how important is dental health until we really "get it". Long story short, in this blog post I will be sharing my experiences on wisdom tooth extraction as stated in the blog title.

The Living Room

Paint Healthy, Live Better Every paint will age hence, my household usually changes wall colour every 4 to 5 years. This time we are only changing the paint in the living room because the bedroom paint is still in good condition. P.S I stay in a 3-room HDB flat.

PayLah! Hawker x Uggli Muffins

Hurray to NO handling of cash when making food payment at the hawkers! Uggli Muffins 127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, #02-34 Singapore 310127 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00AM - 2:00PM (Closed on Mondays) Contact: +65 9877 9020 Website: E-mail:

2017 Milestone

So glad to survive year 2017, my life then was just full of ups and down; just so freaking emotional. Just like how my hair survived multiple bleaching and still feeling fine. #2017bestnine