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Focus Hair Dressing - Scena+ In-Salon Treatment

It's been a week since I've done my Mucota Dyna Algana C Curl . I'm delighted to be back at Focus Hair Dressing again, this time it's to fix the unevenness of my hair colour and get some hair treatment done.

Focus Hair Dressing - MUCOTA DYNA ALGANA for C Curl

Meet Sito from Focus Hair Dressing, the hairstylist equipped with 9 years of experience whom created a C Curl for me that I always yearned for. 

Travel Tips for a Short Getaway from Singapore

As a Sagittarius that was deprived of traveling, the past two years have been great for me as I have traveled to different countries despite being low on budget. All thanks to planning early and taking part in company incentives challenge, I get to go to places I never thought I have gone. After all this trip, I have learned a few lessons on how to be better prepared when traveling.

GreenE Pain Relief Tape

People who understand me well will know that I get frequent muscle strain on my right calf from time to time, it is a pain in the ass especially when I get a sudden attack during times when I was asleep just because I overstretched my muscle by accident.

Urbanski Summer Ski Culture Event

Got to try the up and coming new sports in Singapore! We don't get to experience winter in Asia, but that doesn't mean you can't experience the thrill of skiing without burning a hole in your pocket by traveling to far-flung resorts in Japan or Europe.

Sample Store x Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Do you know that many Taiwan fresh produce and Taiwan processed food are already available in Singapore supermarket?

Sample Store x Les Parfums de Farcent

The scent in our environment can enhance our mood, it can also create a place of our imagination that we desire especially if the amora is pleasant.

Sample Store x VitaRealm Beauty Drinks

VitaRealm beauty drinks come in 3 variations to match different skin profile, I select which to consume based on my current skin condition. #mybeautycolor is pink, discover yours!

Sample Store x WORLDiBUY

WORLDiBUY  is a cross-border e-commerce platform from Taiwan. They are working with over 25 channels globally and ship to over 100 countries, allowing you to buy products from different parts of the world anytime, anywhere! Try out some of these products and buy them on Sample Store, including YM Biomed YMB20 Probiotics that I will be reviewing.

Celebrate Mother's Day & Father's Day with Délifrance Singapore

The perfect place to reward Mom and Dad with well-loved French cakes and pastries, Délifrance Singapore has everything you’ll need for a sweet and thoughtful celebration. Thanks to Sample Store, I get a first-hand preview and tasting of the new menu hence, doing a food review for you guys. It's time to shower our parents with a sweet reward this Mother’s and Father’s Day with Délifrance’s cakes made especially for the occasion: 👩 Passion Fruit Cheesecake for Mom ($62.00 whole cake, $7.20 per slice) 👨 Blueberry Chocolate Cake for Dad ($62.00 whole cake, $7.20 per slice)

Achieve glass skin in 6 days! #MyGlassSkinEssence

Many people have a misconception when it comes to dry skin. Simple dry skin lacks water, desertified skin, on the other hand, does not lack water but the “power to hold water”; that’s when irrigation facilities play a big part. Right here I am taking HERA Cell Essence on a 6 days challenge to achieve glass skin effect  ✨

Improving Gut Health In 3 Simple Ways

Admit it, the first place you go to when any problem arises is non-other than anyone but Google. Then we seek 2nd opinions such as bits of advice from family, friends, and professionals.