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Mygenlife Whitening Nectar Drink

If you know or have read about it, I have been taking up whitening supplements in pill for years just because I have natural tan and my skin will not get sunburns but always becomes dark easily. Many people will ask me if it is effective in helping my skin to become fairer or not, I can only tell you that the pill I am taking will not take immediate effect if you want to become fairer but it does helps in speeding up the skin metabolism and have some side effect. I am still in the midst of looking for product that will make me fairer other than getting an injection, not because I am scare of pain it is because that method is way too expensive for me. So... what does whitening mean to you? Things that come into most people mind when they hear about whitening is becoming fairer. There are right and wrong about this answer. Not all whitening product will make you fair, some is created for fair people with skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone to even the skin out. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU

Itoh Collagen Powder

What is Collagen? Collagen is the main component of connective tissue making up about 25% to 35% of the whole body protein content and it is vital for our skin elasticity. Where can Collagen be found? Collagen can be found in the fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin, and is also abundant in corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, the gut, and inter-vertebral discs. Why do we need Collagen? PS. I have just turned 20 few days ago. (Believe it or not) Collagen level will decrease as we age  especially after the age of 25, it means that skin will sag and that's how people look old, collagen is also a major component of the hair and nails. I was told about this 3 years ago when I was still a beauty apprentice, back then I was still considered young so I was not bothered by it but right now ageing is going to be a concern in life for me. How to gain Collagen? Collagen can often be found from food that you eat daily BUT the amount can never be enough to

Siam Paragon IMAX, Siam Discovery, Baiyoke Buffet

Today marks my 6th monthsary together with YongSheng and I have been planning ahead for this day as I know that we will be in Bangkok so we must make use of it to do something special that can never be found in Singapore. 1st stop: Siam Paragon IMAX Siam Paragon is one of the biggest shopping mall in Asia and it is also a luxury mall so how can we not visit?! Ok la, actually the main purpose here is for the cinema cause from what I found online this cinema has a hall that come with sofa couple seat with blanket, pillow, wine and cake. Such an indulgence. The cinema was located at one of the highest level of the mall which we took long to locate it It's cinema is also equipped with a machine operated ticket machine for movie ticket, how convenient Around the cineplex there is a corner for IMAX Theatre ticket, because we wanted the best seat therefore we purchase the most expensive ticket and and and they sell CHEESE POPCORN here too which I think that it i

Central World, Din Tai Fung

Somehow I felt that today was a short day cause walking around in Central World have already took us a lot of time, the mall is damn huge I tell you and easily to get lost. Today was our last 3rd day to spend in Bangkok so our budget got tighter because tomorrow is gonna be a day for celebration and we have to choose our item wisely if we were to shop this day. One great thing is that we got to have Din Tai Fung in Bangkok for our dinner and their price is so much cheaper compare to Singapore, don't ask why aren't we eating the local food here. Who doesn't have craving? Image source: Google 991 Rama 1 Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Grand Alpine Hotel, Pantip Plaza, Platinum Mall

Woke up early in the morning and prepare to set off to our next hotel at Pratunam area. Staff at Bangkok Loft Inn help us to get a taxi making sure that we can reach our next destination safety. I wish that we could stay here for our whole Bangkok trip but sadly we have already purchase an deal for a hotel. This is the standard taxi fare in Thailand, I saw this chart in the taxi and decided to capture it so that you all can have a reference Grand Alpine Hotel “Not a good place to stay in.” Rating: 2/5 I was there on the 25th - 28th December 2013. When I got there by taxi and was shocked to see how remotely the hotel was located, the hotel staff said they have free tuktuk service from the hotel to the nearest bts station, which I think is good but when I use the tuktuk service, the driver brought us to a street and told us to walk towards the bts which was at least 100m away. Returning to the hotel at night is another problem, can't walk back from main street because i

Chinatown(Yaowarat), MBK, Siam Square

This post is mainly concentrating on food featuring Nam Sing Bird Nest Co, Ha Kee Lim Jing Hieng Co and Yayoi Restaurant Today will be the last day of our stay in Bangkok Loft Inn and will be changing to another hotel at Pratunam area tomorrow. Because many of my friends request me to buy something back for them which can be only found at Yaowarat so we decided to make a visit there again and this time we took a tuk-tuk there straight from our hotel.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Today we are getting out of Bangkok to the World of Entertainment at Pattaya! There are many ways to get to Pattaya by road, however we are going there by van which is quite a unreliable but fast option and will be coming back by bus. Van services can be found at BTS Victory Monument, cost per person to Pattaya is 100 Baht  Why do I say that it is unreliable is because they do things without us knowing and they do not have a proper system of handling things. When we reach the ticketing counter a random guy approach us and asked us where is our destination and then they will collect the money from us for the ticket and we were told to wait "there" which is a no queue waiting area for the van to pick us up, they didn't even let us know the route that they are going and we have no idea of where the van is going to stop at.  Luckily the last stop is near the place where we want to go which is Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, upon arrival we can easily sp

Kitto Japanese Restaurant, Chatuchak

Just a summarise of today activity. Woke to big commotion today at around 11:00 AM then was held up at 7-11 because of some matter instead of being at Chatuchak weekend market doing our shopping and we are only free until 5:00PM. Knowing that Chatuchak close at 6:00PM we still make our trip there. How our hunt be like? Read on to find out.

Chatuchak, Chao Phraya River Cruise

It's weekend, and it's my Birthday today! In Bangkok there is a must go place for shopping every weekend and it is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Why? Because the staff here are all friendly, items are cheap and Chatuchak weekend market is the world largest weekend market, it covers over 35 acres and have around 15,000 stalls! Hearing that it close at 6:00 pm so what's our plan for my birthday night? I love waterfront dinning and tonight we will be having our dinner at the Chao Phraya River Cruise!

Yaowarat (Chinatown), In the mood for love sushi bar

I cannot believe that we only spend Day 2 visiting one place when we are in Bangkok. Or is it I have a lost of memory?

Thai Airway, Bangkok Loft Inn, Asiatique

Hi ya! On my previous trip to Bangkok I have been visiting places of interest and theme park but for this trip it is going to be a shopping spree for my boyfriend and I, we will be staying in Bangkok for 10 days in two different hotels and also visiting another province travelling as a couple.

Before departure to Bangkok

Good morning! Time check 4:00 PM, my flight will be 24 hours from now. It has been 3 years since I visited Bangkok. For this trip I have already standby my mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, tripod, camera lenses, camera bag and laptop. Now I come to think of it, I am not there for a photography trip! My aim for this trip is for shopping and leisure, because of the time I have lost with my boyfriend I have to cherish it more and spend more quality time with him. Therefore I decided not to bring those thing anymore as I think that it will put more on weight on us which is a burden and taking the right photograph will spend a lot of time, it will also allows me neglect my boyfriend which is not worth it so why not just relax and enjoy while we can. However, I will be bringing a compact camera with me so that I can have some good quality photograph to update my blog when I am back. I am sorry to my readers that I have to be selfish for once but you all must know that I still have

Free Samples!

Image Ever wanted to try something before you really purchase it? Love FREE samples?  Good news for my readers, sign up for a  Sample Store  account from now till 31st December 2013 and stand to win beauty products & movie voucher while receiving free samples! You could still redeem samples IF you do not want to pay handling fee, read on to find out more on how it works, how you can you receive items for absolutely free and for the tips on the lucky draw. 

Wan He Lou Chinese Restaurant

Lobster is my all time favourite seafood and I am happy to be invited to a Chinese cuisines restaurant located at the heart of Jalan Besar to have a taste of their award winning Chef Lau's Original Signature Lobster Porridge together with their soon-to-be release set meat. PS, I skipped my breakfast for this.

Contests & Giveaways

I am not afraid tell you that the purpose of this blog entry is to win cash prizes . Blogger The only requirement is a blog, don't worry if you want to join but do not have a lot of readers as the entries will be judged based on How engaging and interesting (or even humorous) it is, Originality and Product Knowledge. Public User Fret not if you are not a blogger because at you can find lots of give away and contest to take part in. Business Owner Be expose. If you are an individuals or a companies who would like to host campaign you can do it at too! Be shock when you receive large traffic coming from

A view of ITE student

It's Thursday! If you have been following up on my Cyber Wellness post I guess you might be curious that why it that post not appearing yesterday? I am sorry but Chapter 7 is the last chapter on my notes, I could do a few more post by myself on Cyber Wellness if you all like it, do comment and let me know. As you know my exam is over, I will be heading to Bangkok with my boyfriend next week! In the meantime I am looking out for talents and events job so that I can have extra money to save and spend. I can't wait for my final result to be out because it will determine my future. I am not afraid to tell you that I am from ITE because ITE is just a stepping stone for me and also ITE doesn't stands for "It's The End", to me It's To Excel . In my 2 years of ITE I have gain a lot of opportunities in life and had won numerous awards, without ITE I will not have the chance to showcase and find my true self. These are my consideration after getting my result:

Han Dynasty

A boutique spa located at Balestier Road that was open in August 2012. I personally had never been to any massage and spa boutique for any services before(I think) in Singapore unless it was paid by my mum. In this visit I get to choose any services I like and it is a sponsored one, I suddenly felt so pampered for a moment haha.

2013 Wishlist

Image Get $10 voucher when you sign up for glassesonline newsletter Glasses on my wishlist can be found on My birthday and Christmas is just around the corner and here is my wishlist. *hint hint* Daily Essential Black, White, Gold, these are my favourite colour accent I love to carry around with that will match with almost anything and everything. On the list: Chanel Black Caviar Wallet On Chain Gold Chain  - Bag, Clutch, Wallet all in one. You will know convenient when you won't need to change your bag often because this WOC is able to fit your phone, comb, lip balm etc. iPhone 5s, Gold     - Not a fan of apple but I love how glamours the phone look, because of the appearance I don't mind owning this phone. Paris Hilton Sunglasses - A protective eye wear is needed to shield off the scorching sun, this is one unique design that I will love to have. Casio EXILIM EX-TR15, White - Best selfie camera ever or can I call it ev

Cyber Wellness - Values

Chapter 7 Promote cyber wellness values Overview of warning signs, tips and advice on Internet safety Am I spending too much time on internet? Am I addicted to internet gaming? With the internet permeating into almost every aspect of lives, there is no doubt that the extent of these concerns will deepen with time. THE FIVE 'C'S OF CYBER WELLNESS AND THEIR KEY MESSAGES Five 'C's of Cyber Wellness - Community, Contact, Content, Confusion and Commerce - a structure which youth developers can use to promote cyber wellness values in their communities and families. Community Safe and healthy communities (both real life and online) form the foundation for Cyber Wellness. Contact Online interactions often decrease one's alertness to personal safety – beware that there is no sure way of discerning whether an online contact is truthful or safe! No matter how long you chat with people online, they are still strangers – do not get sweet-talked. Content

Do Not Call!

Do you find advertisement messages annoying or do you not want to waste your time on answering anonymous call? I do. From now on annoying messages and unwanted message will be gone. My dad is very concern about unknown's sending him spam/hoax/ads messages and receiving calls from telemarketer so I thought that this would be something beneficial for people who are like him. In this blog entry you will find out how to prevent organisations from contacting you without your clear consent. What is DNC Registry? The Do No Call (DNC) Registry is a database that stores subscriber telephone number. Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), organisations will have to check with the DNC Registry to ensure that they do not send unsolicited telemarketing messages to consumers who have registered. Who is PDPA? The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) is a Singapore Government statutory body established on 2 January 2013 to administer and enforce the Personal Da

Christmas on a Great Street 2013

Photo credit: Supriadi Lee I remember me doing a photo-walk along the street of Orchard Road  last year  during Christmas season. This year I am doing it again with my group of photography friends, unfortunately it was raining and I couldn't capture much great shot. Christmas on A Great Street is an iconic festive light-up that takes place annually on Orchard Road, the Great Street is transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland of twinkling stars and sparkling diamonds in hues of blue and white. Hmm, how much have we changed compared to  last year  shot? Dress up, doll up and stand a chance to win some great prizes in time for Christmas shopping! All you need to do is to snap a photo or video of your White Xmas Look and upload it onto Instagram. This is my outfit of the day, I know this colour combination doesn't match but then I need something white to create a white Christmas look. So ya... Along Orcha