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Some photo taken after Ice skating few days back with Jasmine and Karen

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010

Got an invitation from  to the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 on the Saturday 13th March 2010, The Float @ Marina Bay Food stalls set up there, didn't get a chance to buy it because there was too much people queuing. The car that were use to drive celebrities over to the stage Dancers from Hai Tei dancing as the opening The view over at The Float @ Marina Bay By2 and Ah Du ( 阿杜) Zhao You Ting(赵又廷) 黃鴻升(小鬼) Took this Singapore flyer lighting while waiting for the next celebrity to be out. 梁文音 Yoga Lin(林宥嘉) and Olivia Ong Hongkong actor 陈豪 Tanya SHINee Me at The Float @ Marina Bay By2  Liu Ling Ling(刘玲玲) and Budak Pantai  Budak Pantai helping Liu Ling Ling(刘玲玲) to change into her horny outfit Fake kissing scene by Zhao You Ting(赵又廷) and 1003DJ Ye Li Mei(叶丽梅) 梁文音 singing to 最幸福的事 Yoga Lin(林宥嘉) Ah Du(阿杜) JJ Lin singing to 第几个100天 while