Money Saving Solution

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Want this want that but when it comes to money there's a problem. Do not fret about it, when there's a problem there's a solution.

How to save money? Saving money is so much easier saying than be done, in this post I am sharing some tip of how to control your expenses and my regimen of saving money. Tip here may not be suitable for everyone but is good for a full-time student like me.

My money saving regimen:

  • I have a weekly target which is to save at least 17% of money from my daily allowance. (to buy what I want)
  • Open a bank account meant for saving, if I'm working I would try to save $100 of my monthly pay into that account. (for future use)
  • I only spend notes, the coin that I get as change I will keep it in my wallet until I reach home then I transfer them into a saving coin box. (for times when I'm short of cash)

Tip for money saving:

  • Before you start saving you might have debts on hand, pay off your debts first before the interest start to increase into a huge amount of money.
  • Set savings goal, my weekly target come from here. Find out the cost of the item you want and determine on how much you want to save weekly so that you can get the item before my your own deadline. Stick to your minimum weekly target so that you can make sure the goal is attainable within your time period.
  • Afraid that you will have no money to spend when you retire? This is the point where the money I save in the bank account meant for saving come to use. Figure out how much you will need to buy a house, car or anything to live comfortably and when you will need. Set your target and start saving now!
  • Keep a record of your expenses. It may be for food, travelling, leisure or whatever. If you keep track of how much you spend weekly/montly you may be able to control the amount you spend. I know this is a fuse way to save money, but now you can do it conveniently as there are many phone application available over the android market and apps store for you to download.
  • We love shopping, but the trend changes as time passes. Basic look would be a good choice or you may like to shop at a discount rack at the store, buy clearance item which price are marked down, wait for discount season and it could save you up to 70% of the orginal price.
  • If you have a credit card you might not want to bring them out when you are heading a to salon or beauty centre incase you are tempted to sign onto a package which cost few hundred to thousand dollars. You can benefit from credit card discount deal but then think of how much you are spending, it is all about self control.
  • Every time when you are buying something new, ask yourself do you really need it? Have you already own something similar? Or not think of the money that you can use for saving and buy the item you really want/need. Most of the time the answer will be a NO.
  • One bastard thing you can do is don't bring tissues out and ask around when you need it, or else steal the toilet paper from public toilet LOL, this is just a joke and not advisable to do. When you save yours, you will spend others so always think of others before yourself.
  • When reciving unexpected cash like a pay delay you can put them into your savings so that you can reach your goal sooner.
  • If you have friends that spend a lot try not to go out with them too often, maybe once a week will do.
  • Window shopping is healthy, it gives you more knowledge about the latest item in town but then don't bring too much money with you when going window shopping or you might be tempted to buy them even if it is cheap. Set a shopping list and the priority of your money goes to them first.
Start saving now even you don't need anything, you can also use it as a emergency fund in case anything happen. Even $1 a day make a difference.

Punggol Park

Monday, August 20, 2012
It's a holiday! How about exploring new place we never been before? 

We have heard about Jomando and today we are here at Punggol park!

Started off from Punggol park and rode from Serangoon PC, when you see this sign you are heading to Sungei Serangoon PC

Scenery while on my way to Sungei Serangoon PC

Those tent you see on the left is Punggol Prawning site, other than prawning you can also catch fish and crab or have a meal, they have seafood restaurant, bar etc. 

Places for anyone who pass by to rest, all I can say the park is clean and have good environment.

Me setting up self timer to take a picture of myself LOL

A metal rail situated beside the resting area to park your bike

Off we go!

I am now at the back entrance to prawning place, but I am not going in ^^

Going further up exploring more places!

Lorong Halus Wetland
Formerly a landfill site, Lorong Halus Wetland sits next to Serangoon Reservior, Singapore 17th reservoir and an important source of our water supply.

The are has been transformeed under PUB's Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters(ABC Waters) Programme into a venue for recreation and community bonding to bring us closer to water.

If you are thirsty you can cross this bridge and you will be able to find a water cooler there

Bridge leading to Punggol waterway

Still on my way, this is a different bridge that have a identical design.

This route will lead you to the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk if I'm not wrong, didn't go that way thou.

Ok I got to the wrong lane, if you are going the same way as me I recommend you to stay on the left lane if not......

Punggol Waterway Park
You will have to pass by this bridge

Then take the slope down

And you will reach here, the way to sand filled playground and...

Other play area like the water play place that children love the most

If you are feeling hungry you can go further up, turn right and you will find a food stall, toilet etc.. It is ok if you miss out the Punggol Promenade if you take the same route as me because when you follow the route on the right it will lead you there and then go back to Lorong Halus Wetland. I made a U-turn instead of heading straight because the time for the bicycle I rented is almost up and I felt so hungry + out of strength!

We have each rent a bike for 2 hour, these are rate and operation hour:
2pm - 8pm
Senior citizen and student $6/2hour

Weekend and Public Holiday
9am - 8pm

Please note that they are close on Monday unless it is a school/public holiday

How to get there:
Bus 62, 74, 113, 119, 147 to Hougang Avenue 8 > walk to park
Buangkok MRT & Walk to park via Serangoon Park Connector
Car via Hougang Avenue 8
(Don't go to the wrong entrance if you are driving and want to get to the bicycle rental kiosk)

Thank you for reading my post, here is something to share with you guys which I found at Jomando Facebook :

Hope you have as much fun exploring as I did and do hydrate yourself! 

How to cure brittle nails

Friday, August 17, 2012
Have brittle nails and want to cure them? I know you all hate annoying splitting that can make your nails look so ugly. I have a personal remedy, it's cheap, easy and not time consuming you can follow my step if you want.

Unsure what is brittle nails or have you got them?
These are the characteristic of brittle nails:
  • Feeling of dryness
  • Nails break, split or chip easily
  • Nails are sunken in appearance
  • Nails curl around the finger tip
  • Colour changes
  • Ridges on nail

 You may want to skip this post if you don't want to see my disgusting feet.

Pictures of my nail taken this morning, yesterday after removing my gelish I found out that my nails are dried. 
There are many split and cracking especially on the big toe nail.

Things you need:
(from top left to bottom right)
Polish buffer block
Sanding buffer block
Nail cutter
Metal nail file
anything similar

Before you start here is a little tip for you:
Trimming your nails shortly after a bath or shower makes them softer and will result in a more even cut.

First, you got to cut your nails to your desire length.

I'm done with mine. What about you?

Next use a sanding buffer block, the one with rough surface to buff all your nails and make it even.

See, now the split and crack are less visible.

Don't forget to shape your nail, square or curve whichever you like ;)

As always, mine are square

Then use a polish buffer block and buff your nail.
Polish buffer block come in various design and texture, get the one that suit your use the most.

After polish I'm all done. Looks better right? My nail is like almost flawless.

That's not all!

(Optional) Pamper yourself with foot scrub to get rid of dead skin.
After scrub and some wash, my feet look brighter and nail look softer

More knowledge and health care for nails:

Often with brittle nails the main culprit is simply a lack of moisture, poor nutrition can also cause brittle nails. The solution is to include foods in the daily diet that will promote healthy nails

Keeping your nails trimmed and even makes it less likely that the nails will crack or tear. Short nails with well rounded tips to reduce the risk of traumatizing the nail bed when you carry out your daily activities.

Nail polish user
Don't apply nail polish occasionally, give your nails a break, let them breath and allow you to look at the physical appearance of your nails making sure there aren't any issues lurking underneath the polish.

Nail polish remover contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde which dries out nails, it is a chemical that can contribute to splitting nails. Minimize the amount of nail polish remover you use and applying only as much as is necessary to remove the polish.

If you like to apply nail polish there are some brand packed with extra vitamins and minerals e.g., Sally Hansen Miracle Cure


The Gift Of Time

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Live life at your own pace. Timely surprises on Hermes "The Gift of Time" Exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station from 1st to 12th August, 11am to 9pm, admission is free. I only had free time during their last day of exhibition so why not pay a visit?
FYI: This exhibition made its debut in Hong Kong and continue in Singapore.
P.S. This is my first time visiting Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Their wall decoration, black holes are the air conditioner

In this exhibition Hermès, tells the story of Hermès time through poetic displays tinted with light humour, variety of colours and a series of sensory discoveries.

From what I heard I know that the station close on 2010, on this day I took a cab there as I didn't know how to go there. Here is a conversation of us after I tell him where I am heading to:

Taxi Driver: Huh, I thought that place closed down long ago?
Me: Ya but I want to go there, heard that there is a exhibition there.
Taxi Driver: But they close already?
Me: Nevermind uncle just go then we see how because for what I know they use that land for event.
- upon reaching I saw this sign surrounding the building that scare me or some sign stating that it is a state land -
Photo credit: beingmultilingual
Taxi Driver: You want to alight here?
- Me thinking "What?! Is like a stranded place, I got cheated or what, why close?" Later I saw quite a number of people ahead -
Me: Uncle stop infront, the place were people are flagging for cab.

And I finally reach after 15min trip starting from Thomson, the place is very shut up so there is only one way in.

KTM Ticket counter, I guess this was the booth that people queue in the past to get their train ticket.
Today it was made into a lobby for people to queue up for their turn to explore the 7 circular walk-through room.

Mirror reflection of KTM ticket counter

I'm in the queue, reaching the entrance to the circular walk-through room now.

As I say it stated above there are light humor, some one of the room they lit up a certain item and turn off the light after a few second so the image may not be clearly taken, so sorry.

Room 1 - The Orgin of Time

Never forget: The first role of light is to make the dark more beautiful, and not to measure the days.

Room 2 - Free Time

In this room everyone were given a pouch to keep our watch and not to be pressure by time.

Quote in different languages, Hermes video also available

Room 3 - Time Suspended

Immerse in the meticulous precision of Hermes watchmakers

The fence is 2,47m high
Which is the world high jump record height by Huaso, ridden by Captain Alberto Morales Larraguibel in Vina del Mar in Chile in 1949

Minature racing saddle, 1921
Pigskin, 18-point stitching, copper alloy and canvas
Made in Hermes workshops
Emile Hermes Collection

Minature Saddle, 1991
Pigskin, cowhide, felt, chrome plated brass and wool
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Oxer jumping saddle, 1993
Pigskin, smooth cowhide and pigskin-grained cowhide
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Disassembled Tarais saddle, 2010
Natural gold calfskin, natural cowhide, carbon fibre and titanium
Hermes Collection

Room 4 - Time Balance

 Time Balance sculpto
Night after night, the top span and danced on the table to the rhythm of a beating heart, tracing its circle with the precisio, patience and pace of the second hand on a clockface.

Les Inversables, Circa 1930
Chrome and glass
An unspillable port service for ten glasses. The service can be tipped in any direction the empty or full glasses remain upright. Patented by Hermes.
Hermes Creations Archive Collection

Port glasses, Circa 1930
The sides of the glasses, and especially the base, are very thick, giving each piece a low centre of gravity that prevents it from tipping over.
Hermes Creations Archive Collection 

Bleu d'Ailleurs
American dinner plate
Blue and white porcelain
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection 

Bleu d'Ailleurs
Bread and butter plate
Blue and white porcelain
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection

Bleu d'Ailleurs
Large bowls
Porcelain, in four patterns
Designer Arielle de Brichambaut
Hermes Collection 

Coffee spoon
Grey solid steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Table fork
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Pastry fork
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Table knife
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas
Hermes Collection 

Pastry knife
Grey stainless steel
Designer Rena Dumas 
Hermes Collection 

Water glass
Crystal and indigo crystal 
Hermes Collection 

Champagne flute
Blue crystal
Saint-Louis Collection 

Spirit carafe
Designer Hilton McConnico 

Room 5 - Stroke of Time

Parrot made of leather in cage

Pixel cat face made from different kind of leathers

Room 6 - Imaginary Time

Goldfish bowl filled with water and light

Escape into the imaginary for a moment, take a seat and dedicated a moment of sharing.

Room 7 - The Gift of Time

Beneath the branches of an ageless tree, after thousands of years of deep though, time concluded that there were no end.

This room feature Hermes small leather goods and accessories.

Hermes scarf

Hermes organizer

Hermes bag and gloves

Hermes accessories

Hermes would like to thank:

Hilton McConnico
Dream, concept and design

Roland Soetaert
First assitant

Michel Pounoussamy
Sound and lighting design

Achay Doan
Special effects

Michel Benita

Mirific & Artigo
Set contruction

Visionnaire pte Ltd
Local production

Old school mini food stall are set up beside the railway track

 Orange train carriage cabins for dinning purpose

Tanjong Pagar Railway Track 2012


KTM Railway Station Landscape

Was uploading photo onto Instagram

KTM Railway Station (Night)

More about KTM Railway Station on Wikipedia
Hermes The Gift of Time official website:
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