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Money Saving Solution

Want this want that but when it comes to money there's a problem. Do not fret about it, when there's a problem there's a solution. How to save money? Saving money is so much easier saying than be done, in this post I am sharing some tip of how to control your expenses and my regimen of saving money. Tip here may not be suitable for everyone but is good for a full-time student like me. My money saving regimen: I have a weekly target which is to save at least  17% of money from my daily allowance. (to buy what I want) Open a bank account meant for saving,  if  I'm working I would try to save $100 of my monthly pay into that account. (for future use) I only spend notes, the coin that I get as change I will keep it in my wallet until I reach home then I transfer them into a saving coin box. (for times when I'm short of cash) Tip for money saving: Before you start saving you might have debts on hand, pay off your debts first before the interest s

Punggol Park

It's a holiday! How about exploring new place we never been before?  We have heard about Jomando and today we are here at Punggol park! Started off from Punggol park and rode from Serangoon PC, when you see this sign you are heading to Sungei Serangoon PC Scenery while on my way to Sungei Serangoon PC Those tent you see on the left is Punggol Prawning site, other than prawning you can also catch fish and crab or have a meal, they have seafood restaurant, bar etc.  Places for anyone who pass by to rest, all I can say the park is clean and have good environment. Me setting up self timer to take a picture of myself LOL A metal rail situated beside the resting area to park your bike Off we go! I am now at the back entrance to prawning place, but I am not going in ^^ Going further up exploring more places! Lorong Halus Wetland Formerly a landfill site, Lorong Halus Wetland sits next to Serangoon Reservior, Singapore 17th rese

How to cure brittle nails

Have brittle nails and want to cure them?  I know you all hate annoying splitting that can make your nails look so ugly. I have a personal  remedy, it's cheap, easy and not time consuming you can follow my step if you want. Unsure what is brittle nails or have you got them? These are the characteristic of brittle nails: Feeling of dryness Nails break, split or chip easily Nails are sunken in appearance Nails curl around the finger tip Colour changes Ridges on nail   You may want to skip this post if you don't want to see my disgusting feet. Pictures of my nail taken this morning, yesterday after removing my gelish I found out that my nails are dried.  There are many split and cracking especially on the big toe nail. Things you need: (from top left to bottom right) Polish buffer block Sanding buffer block Nail cutter Metal nail file OR anything similar Before you start here is a little tip for you: Trimming your nails short

The Gift Of Time

Live life at your own pace. Timely surprises on Hermes "The Gift of Time" Exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station from 1st to 12th August, 11am to 9pm, admission is free. I only had free time during their last day of exhibition so why not pay a visit? FYI: This exhibition made its debut in Hong Kong and continue in Singapore. P.S. This is my first time visiting Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Their wall decoration, black holes are the air conditioner In this exhibition Hermès, tells the story of Hermès time through poetic displays tinted with light humour, variety of colours and a series of sensory discoveries. From what I heard I know that the station close on 2010, on this day I took a cab there as I didn't know how to go there. Here is a conversation of us after I tell him where I am heading to: Taxi Driver: Huh, I thought that place closed down long ago? Me: Ya but I want to go there, heard that there is a exhibition there. Taxi