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Today I am blogging to dedicate this post to Janice Tay on this special occasion... Y A Y Y Y ~ I T   I S 2 2 A P R I L , H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U !   Celebrated Janice advance birthday on 14th April 2012, did not get anything for her this year and not even a cake because I do not have time to shop for present but then but then I'm not guilty hahaha! Because I will sure have something to make up for it.   If you realise we meet up less than 10 times a year. Seems like everyone is too busy to meet, but this day I still find time for you even only there is only two of us going out. On this day we sang song more than doing anything else for example having heart to heart talk and gossiping like how we do last time, we really need to catch up soon(also with the rest). Wish you success in everything you do and have a great year ahead!