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Saturday, June 11, 2011
Ginvera new product, Aqua Whitening Cream and Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
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I have oily skin, as you all know people with oily is not suitable for product with cream base because it will make the skin look oilier. I tried out their product and it was really not what I expected. It was least oily then I thought, and also green tea contain Vitamin C so it will have whitening effect which will help to even out your skin tone. I love it because both of their product has an ingredients called Hylauronic Acid, it is a ingredient that give you intense hydration and will hold up to x1000 of water. You will need hydration even in the night, water loss is more when you're sleeping.

Aqua Whitening Cream $16.90 40g
(Right) Always remember to apply a moisturizer after your toner.
  • People with oily skin there will be a presence of acne on their face, with Aqua Whitening Cream it will help to lighten spots and acne mark.
  • It have oil control that will reduce excess oil.
  • With hyaluronic acid it provide you with all day hydration.
  • It give you radiant glow, your skin will be glowing not oily!
  • With regular use your skin will look fairer and more radiance.
  • Suitable for both day and night.

Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream $16.90 25ml
(Left) Apply it after your moisturizer.
  • BB Cream can act as a make up base as well as a foundation that will gives you flawless coverage.
  • The BB Cream also have SPF30/PA++ which will protect you from sun ray.
  • Sun protection is important, a sunscreen product with at least SPF15 is recommended because it will help to reduce the risk of uv skin damage.
  • UV rays can cause acne and also will accelerate the aging process 4 times faster.
  • Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is also enhanced with hyaluronic acid.
  • Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream will give you prefect coverage and is suitable for all skin tone.

Available at BHG, Giant, Guardian, John Little, NTUC FairPrice, OG, Robinsons, Watsons, C K Department Store and selected cosmetic houses.
Grab yours in the nearest store now, result may varies.

Any enquiries for these product please email to


Hard Rock Cafe

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi all, I just woke up I'm so tired I cry sleep then cry went back to sleep wake up and cried again.
I still haven't get sick of it but my eyelid is heavy and swollen now and it hurts maybe I should just stop crying for awhile first.

I came online to blog about my yesterday trip, will be going back to sleep after this.
Went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner with Jazreel and after awhile Karen came to join us.

I've got a music video below, especially made for someone.
He doesn't love me anymore it really made my heart ache, his heart is with another person but fuck it I can be by my own I'm born to be independent. Without his love I won't be incomplete, but I'll still wait for him.

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
50 Cuscaden Road #05-01
HPL House Singapore 249724

Telephone: +65-62355232

I ordered Potato Skin for the starter, Macaroni with Grilled Chicken and Cheese for entree and Jazreel ordered Salmon Steak. 

We get to keep this shot glass as a souvenir after drinking. 

Siva pop up and treat us this brownie. I love the macadamia nuts inside the brownie.

After dinner at Hard rock Cafe we headed to Boat Quay to drink and then to MBK.

Sunday 5 June 2011
First time trying out dark brown eyeliner because black was sold out, angry!!!

This morning was very scary, I got a scare by the thunder and woke up in fright.
My outfit was all wet, even the inside of my bag when I have an umbrella, the rain was very heavy.

After work I watched a movie with Karen at Cineleisure called Mr & Mrs Single we watched the sneak preview, it will be screened on 8 June 2011. Before the movie we took neoprints, it has been years since I took neoprint.

These are the list of movie I want to watch when it is out:
A Beautiful Life, opening on 7 June 2011
Laddaland, opening on 9 June 2011
Punished, 16 June 2011
Prom, 28 July 2011
Winnie the Pooh, 11 August 2011
Zookeeper, opening on 11 August 2011
Bad Teacher, 25 August 2011
Fright Night, 8 September 2011


She made a lot of you haggard,
You are willing to wait patiently and do anything for her.

I want to know what she makes you silly,
I want to know why she makes you crazy,
I want to know where she was much better than me.

I know I paid more than than her but I can not change your heart.

She and I were in your heart,
What is the difference?

Your every move my heart was carried away,
But I'm not in your heart more than her.

I think of you everyday and night but you think of her.
I felt so sad, I want to back out and stop contacting you but I always fail to do that.

I have been crying for you, I felt so stupid myself because your heart is with her and not me :'(
I even wish that we could start all over again, how navie am I.

But is it possible?
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