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Personality Report

Today did a Personality Style Profiling at  the result is quite true and made me know more about myself, you guys should try it too. To know more about me continue reading, this will be a long one (: Precisionist SERENE is a fact finder and does things "by the book". She can be sensitive if others are being critical of her work, especially if they have not carefully reviewed all the data. SERENE clarifies expectations before undertaking new projects, and she works hard to meet standards. SERENE will typically maintain a neat and orderly work environment. SERENE values close, personal relationships, and she will often put the needs and desires of those who are loyal friends ahead of her own needs . She is an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. SERENE will work to avoid conflict and sudden changes in her lifestyle and finds joy in keeping tradition. SERENE prefers a rational and moderate approach when

A Sticky Affair

TADA! I guess most of you know what is Sticky right, if you don't know visit Sticky Singapore now.  Decided to post this as I came across Xiaxue blog , pictures are credited to her because I took them from her blog :X  I like this the most, the jar look so nice. From now on I will start to buy sweets from Sticky although I don't really like sweet, but there's a reason behind it ok. Look at the picture below. It's the Sticky stamp card. I want to collect all the stamp to get a Trucker Cap hehehe ^^V  You guys must support / help me to get the stamp ok, AND EAT THE SWEETS THAT I GAVE YOU! Look at the Trucker cap Xiaxue is wearing. I like (Y) Credits: Xiaxue Now, a couple of picture of me taken few days ago before heading to work.

National Day Parade' 2010 @ Padang